Cirra by ShedRain Umbrellas Found Exclusively at Target

Don’t get caught in the rain without the cutest gear!  ShedRain wants to make sure you are covered head to toe. Raindrops won’t be a bother when toting around the chic selections from Cirra by ShedRain at Target. These umbrellas are available in different versions including Compact, Bubble, Stick and Mini Compact.  With patterns like “Polka Dots”, “Stripes” and “Ice Cream Cones”, it’s no wonder that people are already naming them a spring favorite.

ShedRain is offering an amazing collection for Spring/Summer 2017, drawing inspiration from the style makers of the world—from the runways of Paris, London, and New York to the chic trendsetters on the streets.  As the oldest and most honored umbrella manufacturer in the country, the third-generation, family-owned company, ShedRain, offers a quality collection for the whole family.

I was given the opportunity to review a few of their umbrellas and I was thrilled when they arrived. Living in Florida it rains A LOT during the summer and it comes out of no where. I will now be prepared when the storm hits. I love that they are made well and the designs/patterns are just so cute.


The first one I chose was the Cirra Multi-colored fashion compact umbrella which features a wide canopy that deflects rain and packs away into a neat travel size when its work is done.


The ShedRain black stripe bubble umbrella is my favorite and I was even thinking of adding a vinyl monogram to it to make it personalized and unique.  It is great for those downpour rains because it protects you all around.


Lastly I picked out one of the fun for kids umbrellas for my daughter. It features ice cream cones and is perfect for those times it starts raining unexpectedly while you are out and about because it is small enough to leave in the glove box of the car.  It also would easily fit into a medium sized purse.

So make sure you head over to Target and pick up a couple Cirra by ShedRain umbrellas so you don’t get caught in the storm this summer !!!


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