Sonnenglas Solar-Powered LED Lantern & Table Light


Introducing the perfect gift for Mom…SONNENGLAS, a stylish mason jar with a solar panel lid containing LEDs that you can light up when the sun goes down.  All the rage in Europe and Africa (with two million sold), SONNENGLAS combines green high-tech with superlative design, and is now making its debut in the US, with countless uses on the patio, in the garden, on the tabletop and much more.

It’s ideal as a garden lamp; for creating an idyllic evening mood at backyard parties; for casting soft light at a romantic picnic;  or illuminating your evening drink after sundown.  I think you’ll agree that SONNENGLAS offers countless opportunities to be designed any way you like — filled with fruit, sand, dried flowers, seashells…whatever strikes your fancy.


And even better, SONNENGLAS is made in a socially sustainable way.   It was developed in South Africa in 2011 as a source of light for people in areas with no access to electricity.  It’s made from recycled glass, with 70% of the materials used coming from South Africa, where the company trains otherwise unskilled workers, and has created jobs for nearly 70 men and women who had no other job prospects.  As such, SONNENGLAS is clearly a feel-good product…and who doesn’t want Mom to feel good on Mother’s Day?

SONNENGLAS retails for $34.99, and is available at and

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