EatSmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale


The EatSmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale is a must have kitchen product for those that are conscious of their eating habits or needing to lose some weight.

If you want to ensure that your baked goods are delicious, it’s critical to calculate ingredients, by weight, on a kitchen scale. I really love how the tare button on the scale allows you zero back with every new ingredient so you can measure everything in one bowl, creating less mess to clean up.  I also have been able to calculate my calorie intake because I can accurately calculate the weight of the foods I am eating.  This has been the only successful way for me to lose weight.

Other “must have” features include:

  • an oversized, stainless steel platform to accommodate large mixing bowls
  • measures up to 15 lbs quickly and accurately with a graduation of 0.05 oz / 1 gram
  • four measurement modes: ounces/lbs/grams/kgs
  • an easy to read backlit display
  • a tare feature that eliminates the weight of the container or subsequent ingredients

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