My Graham & Brown Wallpaper Bathroom Makeover


I have always loved the look of wallpaper but figured it was way too difficult to do on my own and couldn’t afford to pay someone to do it.  However after I was asked to review my choice of one of their best wallpapers from Graham & Brown I figured I would give it a try.  I chose the Tango Gold Wallpaper and am so in love with how it looks.

This was my bathroom before adding wallpaper…


And here are pics of my bathroom after putting up the wallpaper…




The project did take quite a bit of time but it wasn’t hard at all.  It just requires a lot of measuring.  The best part of my new wallpaper is that it totally hides how uneven my drywall texture was.  It had been repaired so many times that paint couldn’t even cover it.  This was an absolute perfect way to make the bathroom look elegant again !!!

Make sure you check out all of the choices of modern bathroom wallpaper that they offer on their site.  If you are too scared to try wallpaper, you can always check out all their fabulous selection of wall art.

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  1. It came out really nice.

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