Online Retailers with Better Reputations than their Brick and Mortar Competitors

A 2015 survey shows that e-commerce stores and online retailers have control of about 8 percent of the retail market, and there are no signs of them letting up or slowing down.

These ecommerce stores are quickly putting traditional brick and mortar stores out of business, and successfully competing against known big retail brands. Most of them are doing so due to their unique approach to business.

In this article, we’ll be looking at those ecommerce outfits that are doing well courtesy of their different approaches to marketing.


Zappos pioneered the sale of shoes online. Sure, auction sites like eBay and the almighty Amazon were selling shoes, but no one was doing it exclusively. Enter Zappos, which was birthed when the founder couldn’t find a decent pair of shoes online.

Zappos has gone on to be become a multibillion dollar company, has been acquired by Amazon, and now sells clothes, bags and other fashion accessories. But what makes Zappos stand out? It’s their world class customer service.

In fact, Zappos boasts of having the world’s best customer service. This is thanks to their amazing staff who show a serious commitment and dedication to helping customers.

The company’s dedication to customers is unmatched in the fashion and clothing industry. This is why they are consistently growing and exceeding sales targets. The company is now synonymous with excellent customer service.


While Zulily shares some semblance with TJ Maxx, the company’s online approach to sales has transformed them into an amazing ecommerce store.

They do this as a result of flash sales, special offers, and timed discounts on their online portals. As a result, the company generates more sales and revenue because of the buyers who hang out on the site to catch the price slash, discounts, and rebates.

Lull is taking on the mattress industry by providing an online store where you can purchase any mattress size you need. Lull sells and provides a wide range of mattress types, making it possible for you to shop from home.

Compared to local mattress stores where you have to order your new mattress in person, Lull makes it very easy to find the mattress you want from the comfort of your own home. However, that is not what makes this brand stand out. What gives them the edge is their free 100 days return policy.

So, you can order a mattress, they’ll deliver free of charge to your home, and you can use and test the mattress for up to a hundred nights without being charged.

If you don’t like the mattress, you can simply request to have it returned and they’ll come pick it up free of charge… no muss, no fuss. This, combined with their amazing mattress technology, exceptional customer service and incredible cost savings plans where you can save as much as 75 percent on your mattress purchase as compared to in-store purchases, makes them the go-to store for all things mattress online or offline. You don’t have to take our word for it: you can find Lull mattress reviews online at their website.


Known as the king of ecommerce, Amazon has grown to become the leading online ecommerce and retail store in the world. Everyone who has the internet has heard of Amazon, and along with e-Bay they are virtually synonymous with online shopping. What makes Amazon really stand out is their wide variety of products –- you can find almost anything on Amazon.

But that isn’t even the big appeal. Amazon offers free shipping and same day or 24-hour delivery to certain states and for orders before 11a.m. These traits, when combined with their relentless innovation, such their experimental delivery by drone service, has birthed even better products, pushing them to the forefront of ecommerce.

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