Traveling the World When You’re Broke

Whenever someone says that everyone should definitely take the time to travel the world because it is so relaxing, your wallet tenses up. We already know that traveling has some sort of voodoo magic that immediately takes all the pressure and stress away as soon as you board the plane. The problem? It is not exactly an affordable hobby to take up.

But you often find yourself daydreaming about tropical paradise beaches, the Eiffel Tower, the taste of vintage wine, and the feel of the cold sea breeze. So you start looking at affordable tour packages and cheap travel insurance, you check the currency conversion and add up the total amount you need to spend. You will be cutting it close, but you feel like you don’t have enough to have a fun trip.

Indeed, budget traveling can be a little difficult, but not impossible. In this article, we will explore tricks on how you can keep travel expenses at the bare minimum.

Book your flights in incognito

Not sure if you have noticed, but cheaper prices are often shown to people who have been on a website for the first time. The same thing applies for most airlines. However, websites have a way of tracking who their visitors are through cookies. There is a huge chance that you would be offered a more expensive price because this has been your nth visit. To avoid this, clear your browser cookies and do searches in incognito or private browsing.

Consider not going to the usual tourist traps

The most common attractions are often the most expensive. Especially if you are planning to stay in a city, every movement costs money. Yes, it defeats the purpose of traveling if you cannot get into some of the popular tourist attractions. But there are literally countless destinations that, while not as popular, are sometimes far better than the usual tourist traps. Not to mention, they are a lot friendlier on the budget. What you do is to make a quick Google search of these places (there will be articles about hidden gems, for sure). If you have backpacker friends, you can also ask them the places they have discovered during their frolick.

Choose hostels

There is a lot of stigma with hostels, mainly because of the horror movie franchise aptly named ‘Hostel’. But they are actually very adorable places to stay in. Other than being affordable, you will be able to treat yourself to an authentic budget traveler, backpacker vibe that not a lot of people get to experience.

In addition, most hostels offer free food, often holding grill nights, offering free snacks and breakfast, and a whole lot more. That is one expense you will not have a problem with.

Lastly, if you are still worried about money during the trip, hostels offer to pay their guests if you work some hours for them. You can stay at the front desk or help with cleaning.

Book your travels in advance and during off-peak times

Other than the trick with private browsing, you can also book your trip months in advance during off-peak times of the year. These include the summer, the holidays, and other local events happening in your chosen destination.

As a final tip, make sure that you are traveling light so that if you are coming home with lots of souvenirs, you still would not need to pay extra for baggage. And if there are promos for flight tickets and tour packages, make sure to grab them.

Budget traveling is definitely doable, and your bank account woes should not hold you back from going out to see the world. Plan, save up, and practice restraint – you will surely have an awesome budget-friendly

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