Unique Wedding Gifts That Every Same Sex Couple Would Love

Buying wedding gifts for friends or loved ones can always be difficult. Do you stick to the recommended gift list that you have been given, or do you strike out on your own and use your creativity? Or what do you do if the couple haven’t come up with a gift list at all? This can be an even greater problem if you are attending a same sex wedding, since many of the recommended gifts are still tailored towards heterosexual couples. Luckily, times are changing, and if you know where to look, you can find some fantastic gifts that are perfectly suited to the recipients. If you need to come up with a great unique same sex wedding gifts for a special couple in your life, here are some great suggestions that are sure to inspire.

Monogrammed Homewares

Whether the couple in question have been living together for years or whether they are moving in together for the first time, they can never have too many beautiful textiles, especially ones that celebrate their newly married state. One wonderful gift is a bale of high quality Egyptian cotton towels which have been monogrammed with the couple’s initials. Or what about a pair of engraved wine glasses with the couple’s names, the date of their wedding and a special message to commemorate the event? Whether used for special occasions, or simply for everyday use, you can rest assured that these personalised gifts are thoughtful, luxurious and yet practical – just perfect for a wedding day.

A Couple’s Spa Day or Weekend Break

Some same sex couples find that they rarely receive gifts that celebrate the sensual side of their relationship. Help them to capture the romantic side of newly wed life with a voucher for a luxurious spa day for two. Your loved ones will love being pampered and spending the day together in a beautiful setting. For an even more thoughtful approach, why not present your spa voucher alongside a pair of matching monogrammed silk bathrobes for an extra special touch? Alternatively, how about a voucher for a weekend away at a romantic hotel in a location that means something special to the couple. By giving them the gift of time together, they can really enjoy the early days of their marriage and enjoy something that they may never have arranged for themselves.

An Eternal Memento

Some of the best wedding day gifts are those which last as an eternal reminder of the big day itself and of the special commitment that the couple have made. A long lasting decorative gift which will commemorate the occasion and form an enduring memento is a perfect choice, for example a magnificent 24 karat gold-dipped or silver dipped natural rose, presented in a prestigious leather case ready for display in the marital home.

A Gift To Reflect Their Interests

You know the special couple best, so before you choose your gift, think about what their interests and hobbies before you make your choice. Sometimes, the best gifts are the most personal, and a present which reflects the recipients’ personalities is much more likely to be appreciated than yet another cutlery set. If they love dancing, perhaps a course of ballroom dancing lessons would be a wonderful choice, or if they love to cook, a set of gourmet cooking equipment or perhaps a cookery class would be perfect for them. By tailoring your choices to suit the happy couple, you can be confident that they will appreciate the thoughtfulness of your gift.

Gifts On A Budget

If you’re keen to give the happy couple a special gift but are on a tight budget and can’t afford to splash out on something lavish, there’s no need to worry. There are some wonderful low cost ideas which would easily suit any couple on their wedding day and which are sure to touch their hearts. One of the best options is a memory book, designed to reflect the couple’s relationship and to capture their happiest and most special moments. Use photographs from their time together, from the early days of their relationship right up to the present and then leave an empty page at the back ready to receive their final wedding pictures. You can personalise this gift even more by adding romantic quotations, or words from songs or movies that have a special meaning for the pair. You could also add personal messages from yourself and their other friends and family members so they can keep the book as a keepsake for years to come. This gift may be inexpensive but it’s worth its weight in gold in terms of thoughtfulness and love.

Choose A Significant Gift

While most wedding gifts are sure to be appreciated by the couple, one that is sure to hit a special note is one that reflects something special and unique about the couple’s relationship. For example, if they share a favourite show or musical, you could buy them tickets as a thoughtful gift, or perhaps you could give them vouchers for a meal at the restaurant that they went to on their first date. Small touches like these can really make their wedding day even more special and will help to show the couple just how much they mean to you.

Of course, there are many other excellent ideas which are perfect for same sex couples on their wedding day, and there is no need to feel restricted. Be as creative as you like and mix and match ideas so that you come up with something that the couple in question are sure to love and are certain to appreciate. A wedding day is the ideal time to show the special people in your life just how much they mean to you and just how much you value their relationship, so take the time to choose something truly unique and individual and you can rest assured that your present will be cherished and treasured.

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