Ripleys Believe It or Not in Orlando


A couple weeks ago my boy friend and I headed to Ripleys Believe It or Not on International Drive in Orlando to check out the world’s most expensive dress (see my original post here) along with some of the other exhibits.  It had been about 20 years since I had been so I was looking forward to seeing all the new stuff.


Some of the cool exhibits in the odditorium included a wall size light bright that you could play with, lots of mind bender/brain teasers, real shrunken heads (and a video showing how it was done), an authentic vampire killing kit, and more.  I really enjoyed all the artwork made from unique things such as dryer lint, cut up tires, playing cards, candy, etc.  My favorite room was completely mind blowing.  When you rolled a ball across a pool table, it went up hill.

Once we got to the room with the Marilyn Monroe dress in it, I tried to get a picture to show all of you but the lighting in the glass case made it next to impossible so I guess you will need to go see it for yourself.  It is definitely amazing to see it.  But you will need to HURRY because it will be leaving very soon.

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