Self-Love Sip + Spa Kit by SakéOne


This year, instead of stressing to fill your evening with a date, gal-entines celebration, or everything in between, we are voting you scrap all of that celebrate with a little self-love.

Just for you to celebrate the day of love, SakéOne has created a custom kit to create the perfect evening to celebrate you – it’s time to draw a bath, pour yourself a glass and enjoy!


You can include any items that you love but here are some examples of items to include in your Self-Love Sip + Spa Kit by SakéOne:

  • Pink Petals Bath Bomb – First and foremost, draw yourself a bath and drop in this pink petal, bubbly bath bomb for ultimate relaxation
  • Hakutsuru Sayuri Nigori – Pour yourself a glass of chilled Hakutsuru Sayuri Nigori, unwind and enjoy some “me time.”
  • Chocolate Bar from Xocolatl de David: Momo Miso Bar – Indulge yourself with a deluxe chocolate bar from Xocolatl de David. This delicious Momo Miso bar is the perfect way to treat yourself with some sweets while you sip.
  • Heart Candles – Place these candles around the outside of the bath to create an instant spa ambiance
  • Hakutsuru Kasu Face Cream – Treat tired skin to one of Japan’s best kept secrets – this Hakutsuru face cream is made with saké kasu (the lees left over from saké production), which is deeply hydrating and brightening, giving you a beautiful luminous glow
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