The Secrets of Insta-Fame: How to Join Instagram’s In-Crowd


Gaining an online following and getting paid to promote products has become the Generation Z equivalent of rock-stardom. Young adults who have found virtual fame – for fashion and beauty blogging, vlogging, or posting their music to social networks – now command a huge paycheck every time they endorse a product. Even those who want to be known for their music feel the pressures to make their online posts all about how they look.

British vlogging star Zoella reportedly earns nearly $70,000 a month after becoming internet famous for her beauty reviews and ͚outfit of the day͛ posts on photo sharing sites. She now makes her money through public appearances, sponsored posts, monetized YouTube videos and her own range of products.

So – how can we emulate this and make our living through posting selfies and sharing opinions on the latest makeup products? Here͛s how you can begin to gain a following fast on the world͛s most famous photo sharing network, Instagram, the most up-and-coming platform for teens seeking digital fame.

1. Media & Equipment

Posting unedited selfies straight from your iPhone 5 camera doesn͛t cut it in the cutthroat blogging community. Pro equipment has become standard to start taking quality photos at home on your own – before you can hire your own personal photographer.

Here͛s what you’ll need:

  • First off, you need a good camera. Generally, phone cameras aren’t quite good enough yet, unless you go for the newest iPhone, latest Samsung, or the new Kodak Ektra that combines smartphone technology with professional photography quality.
  • Good lighting is integral for good content. Get studio lighting for your bedroom when shooting videos, and a selfie light for taking pics. Ring lights are a cheap and amazing investment for taking pro-standard photos on your own. Clip onto your phone to instantly take your selfies to the next level.
  • For mirror selfies, you’ll need a cute iPhone case. Casely do beautiful, affordable cases that will look stunning in your mirror pics.
  • As well as this, a large clean mirror is essential!
  • Becoming a pro with editing software will help exponentially. We͛re not saying Photoshop yourself unrecognizably – we mean touching up brightness and making  colors vibrant for striking, likeable content.

2. Choose Your Niche

Like in any business, you need a unique selling point to stand out from the crowd and gain  your own following. What will you bring to people’s feeds that others don’t provide? Beauty and fashion blogging is a very saturated market. Let your personal style shine through to compete with today’s tough Instagram algorithms.

3. Network, Tag, Share

Networking is an essential part of making it big as a blogger. Building good relationships with other bloggers in related fields means you can be seen by their followers. There are hundreds of blogger conferences and events held every year – get your name out there in real life as well as on the internet. Learn to use picture tags to your advantage and spread your links whenever possible.

4. The Cost of (Internet) Fame

It’s also vital that we understand the financial side of blogging. You might be thinking by now that all this sounds outside of your budget range – the studio photography equipment; an expensive phone; a Photoshop subscription; not to mention all the products and outfits you’ll need to buy to stay current in your outfit photos.

The truth is that breaking into blogging is an expensive business. Before you get sent piles of products and clothing for free, you need to amass a following by looking up-to-date; and this usually means staying ahead of what͛s in the shops – social media is a massively visual business.

The hefty price of consumerism perpetuated by the blogging community is sometimes too much of a strain to keep up with, which makes many of us feel like we͛re inadequate and have fallen short because we can͛t afford all these new things. It͛s important to separate ourselves from the constant need to buy; as this can negatively affect our mindsets. You can still show off your great eye for clothes and photography without getting yourself into debt – our belongings aren͛t the sum of who we are, despite what Instagram might be telling us.

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