3 Reasons to Invest in a Vaporizer


You may already own a cheap vape pen, but you could be getting so much more out of the vaping experience by investing in a better-quality vaporizer. There are hundreds of options available now, from pocket-sized box mods to table-top setups, perfect for an evening in with friends.

We’ve discovered the top 3 reasons to chuck out your trusty vape pen and start experimenting with all that vaping culture has to offer, whether you ͛ re interested in quitting smoking or building a custom kit to show off your personality.

1. Customization and Modification

The main reason that people spend big on vaping kits is the cool customizations you can add to your setup. Common mods to vaporizers include box mods that hold entire bottles of e-liquid (so that you don ͛ t have to change and clean it so often), boxes that have digital screens and temperature controls, and custom sets built specifically to help you blow huge plumes of smoke.

Stunt vaping has become increasingly popular, including  ‘cloud chasers’, whose aim is to blow the biggest smoke clouds and manipulate the steam into rings and other shapes. The ability to control the temperature in your vaporizer helps with this, as does special e-liquids.

Certain kits are recommended to help achieve stunts and smoke tricks – check out this vaping guide to help you find the best vaporizer for you. It gives a handy ratings list of the best kits available this year for size, cost, and different features.

Stop by your local vape shop, get ideas online, or ask a friend for recommendations on the latest mods for your needs.

2. Quitting Smoking

Obviously, using a vaporizer is infinitely better for your health than smoking tobacco. It contains none of the carcinogenic toxins of tobacco; only nicotine (which isn’t very harmful on its own, and you can wean yourself off this addictive ingredient in time).

Medical experts don’t quite know what the long-term implications on the body that vaping could cause, but all agree that if using a vaporizer in any form helps you to quit smoking, then that’s a good thing. The majority of what you inhale using a vaporizer is simply water vapor, which is vastly better for your lungs than breathing in tar and other toxins.

Other than just imitating your previous smoking habit, there are multiple ways in which investing in a good-quality vaporizing kit can help you kick smoking for good.

Look into reducing your nicotine intake gradually by buying e-liquids that contain lesser amounts of nicotine each time you replace your vape juice. Eventually, you can move onto nicotine-free liquids, and just stick with the cool flavors that vape juices come in instead.

3.  The Social Element

Table-top vaporizers have revolutionized the social aspect of vaping –  no longer do you have to stand outside in the smoking area on nights out to enjoy vaping with friends. There are many varieties of table-top vaporizers, including ones that look like shisha pipes, to unique wooden structures, and futuristic digital setups.

These are larger, heavier and require plugging into a power source; so are unlikely to ever leave your house, but are perfect for a night in to share a vape with as many friends as you like.

These can also be modified, just like handheld kits. Have fun experimenting with customizing your vape systems, and comparing them with friends.

Social vaping has expanded beyond just a replacement for smoking. There are now huge vaping conventions held in large venues, that are attended by hundreds of people including vaping ‘celebs’, brand representatives, and much more. These were set up to show off the latest in vaping technology, get support for smaller vaping brands, and so that members of the public can mingle and get tips from vaping experts.

There’s also the many websites and forums now available for vapers; where you can meet likeminded people, share recommendations on kits and mods, and get ideas on the next kit you should buy.

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