7 Ways to Update Your Beauty Regime On A Budget


No one said Beauty is cheap! As women, we can sometimes go to extreme lengths to take care of ourselves and ensure we’re keeping up with the current trends for beauty routines. But keeping a strict beauty regime usually means spending a lot of money, and not all of us have the money in the bank for it!

A beauty regime consists of many aspects such as the nails, face, teeth and hair. When you look at the big picture, taking good care of all those aspects can add up to a large beauty budget. The good news is you can achieve the same results for your desired beauty regime but in a more affordable and all-natural way.

Besides checking out these great tips from www.hhbeauty.com, if you are ready to revamp your beauty hacks and routines, here are 7 tricks to updating your beauty regime on a budget:

1. Homemade Lip Exfoliator

One of the most noticeable features on your face are your lips. There is nothing more
attractive and pleasing to look at than well-moisturized lips! No one wants to see dry or peeling lips when they are talking to you.

But the amount of money we spend on chap sticks and lip oils is ridiculous, when you have all the ingredients in your own home to make your own lip exfoliator. In fact, a lip exfoliator is more effective than chap stick. It really moisturizes the lips by removing the dead skin and leaving shiny new skin!

Simply combine brown sugar with coconut oil for an easy at-home recipe, or you can look up more complex DIY exfoliators with more ingredients. Either way, the DIY lip exfoliators last much longer than store bought because you can make as much as you desire!

2. Adding A Drop Of Oil to Your Foundation

Have you ever wondered how celebrities achieve their glowing appearance? While their beauty regime probably costs more then we could ever afford, there is a simple yet affordable trick to achieving this look.

By adding a drop of organic oil (could be coconut oil, store-bought vitamin E oil, or any other facial oil) to your foundation on your brush before putting it on, you will achieve a dewy glow. The oil will also make your foundation easier to blend bringing out your natural complexion! There is no need to purchase a fancy name brand primer or foundation to achieve this million-dollar look.

3. Change Up Your Part

Are you getting tired of the same look every day? Sometimes by simply changing the part of your hair can change up your entire look! Save your money from going to the hairdresser, and play with your hair in front of the mirror for free. If you really want to vamp up your beauty regime, change up your part and hairstyles every week!

4. Learn The Process of a Quality Pedicure/Manicure

Women spend an immense amount of money on getting manicures and pedicures, especially because they need to be done every few weeks in order to keep them looking nice.

On average, women spend $1,135 per year on getting their nails done- that’s a lot of dough! Instead, learn the process of a quality manicure/pedicure through YouTube
videos, make a one-time investment in salon essentials, and paint your nails from home.

5. Start A New Vitamin Regimen

There is no need to dish out a ton of money on skin treatments. Keep your skin looking young and glowing with a vitamin serum. Go to your nearby store and purchase some Vitamin D or even better, crack open some fish oil pills!

6. Skip the Hairdresser- Get An At-Home Deep Conditioning Treatment

Achieving silky smooth, undamaged hair does not need to be expensive. A deep conditioning hair treatment from a salon can cost hundreds of dollars when purchasing a deep conditioner can cost anywhere from $10-$30.

7. Whiten Your Teeth with Charcoal Powder

Do you want a shiny white smile but can’t afford to pay your dentist hundreds of dollars?

Your problem can be solved simply with charcoal powder. It is relatively cheap, especially compared to store-bought whitening treatments. Simply mix some powder with a little water and brush away; repeat this for two weeks.

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