6 Tips for Cleaning Your Home for the Holidays

As December lingers into the near future some us already have our schedules packed full, which is making us, wonder how in the world we’re going to manage our regular schedules, including keeping the house together?

If you are worried about keeping things together this holiday season, then you are not alone. As always, things get busy and we find ourselves with less and less time as each day passes.

As simple as it sounds, keeping up with cleaning and other household chores can get overwhelming but if done correctly will help relieve your stress and make every day run smoothly.

Here are a few tips to staying on top of everything in between working, holiday parties, and more.

1. Trust Your Nose

The scent your home brings on during the holidays is a huge factor in how clean everything seems, feels, and actually is. Using a good Putzmittel to scrub your couches, rugs, and pillows will make sure your space smells new and refreshing each time you walk through the door.

2. Clean and Clear Air

As cold as it might be outside, you should also try to get the windows cracked open for at least thirty minutes a day as this can revamp the closed-in or musty feeling that is caused by clutter and dust.

Not only will the fresh air help with feeling good when you͛re just hanging around the house and even sleeping, the fresh air will also create a clean and comforting environment for you to think clearly.


3. Set Up A Schedule

Having a regular cleaning day just once a week will help you stay on top of how much cleaning you’re actually doing and making sure it gets done.

Setting aside a few hours once a week will be a nice way to help time move more slowly too. With every week that passes, especially during the holidays, its difficult to remember what even happened yesterday!

This way, you’ll feel more in control of your schedule and it will help keep your surroundings and your thoughts free of clutter.

4. One Big Thing at a Time

Whilst doing your regular weekly cleaning such as vacuuming, mopping, and wiping the counters, try to pick at least one big thing a week that you want to also get done.

This could be cleaning all the blinds, wiping all the glass windows, or even dusting in those hard to get places. Try to find something that usually gets overlooked on a regular basis, and may need some serious attention.

Sometimes these big tasks seem irrelevant but are usually what people notice the most when they’re over for your holiday party.

5. Maintaining the Main Entrance

A lot of your around-the-house cleaning can be managed pretty simply if there is an organized and clean way that people enter and exit your home.

Setting up a coat rack for your family and visitors to keep their cold layers is a great way to keep these items from lingering around unwanted.

Underneath this rack you can also set up a little area for shoes too. This way no one will be tracking muddy footprints and debris from outside, which means less cleaning for everyone.

Because the main entrance is the center stage for anyone who walks in the door, keeping it under control will help set the mood throughout the season.

6. We’re Not Forgetting the Fridge, Now Are We?

One of the most overlooked household items is the refrigerator. Its͛ use is to hold our food, and when the door is shut, it becomes completely forgotten.

This season, try to stay on top of the food you͛re putting in your fridge, as its bound to get overstuffed with leftovers that will keep getting shoved to the back. This task can usually be added to the weekly cleaning spree and is something you can pass on to the kids. Don͛t forget that they’re allowed to help too!

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