Creative Gifts for Kids This Christmas

Every year Christmas comes around and brings with it the same challenging question: what to
get the kids? Sometimes your kids might have big ideas of their own, like a new bike or a fancy laptop with the capabilities to send someone to Mars (or pretty close anyway).

Whether or not they have already given you any ideas, you might be wondering what you can
give them to get their creative juices flowing. Instead of deciding on a simple material object this Christmas, try to get one of these gifts to inspire your little one’s artistic and intellectual side. Who knows, you might end up with the next Picasso!

1. Art Set

Art sets come in many shapes, sizes, and mediums. You can go with a painting set complete with brushes and paints, a canvas, and an easel. Or, you can opt for the drawer’s paradise package with all the types of colored pencils, markers, and pastels you could ever imagine.

Regardless of your choice, this Christmas gift is sure to be one your little one will cherish for a long time. Art might become their treasured hobby or future career. Even if they do not find a deep passion for art, they will definitely enjoy creating little masterpieces from time to time and will be prepared when school projects call for twenty different colored writing utensils.

2. Jewelry Maker

Many arts and crafts packages are advertised on television, but make your own jewelry kits are special. Your child will get to experiment with both their creativity and their style. They can choose from a crazy number of beads and string to construct the perfect bracelet or necklace that they will wear on their first day of school or to their best friend’s birthday party.

Along with creating the jewelry, they will have to use their math skills to measure out how long a piece must be to properly fit their wrist or yours, since they might decide to make you a beautiful Christmas gift for next year.

3. Musical Instrument

Some kids thrive on visual art while others live for music. If your child must have the radio on 24/7 or is constantly sharing their own renditions of made up songs, then getting them a musical instrument is a perfect idea.

Learning a new instrument will teach your child many new skills. They will learn how to read music, count a beat, and match pitch. While developing these skills, your child will also get to explore music, possibly for the first time, on their own creative terms. Within a year’s time, they might be writing their own songs or have started a band. Whether you are looking to get your child a snare drum or a clarinet from your local music store, an instrument is a gift that will bring your child a great amount of creative happiness.


4. A Cookbook

Cooking may not be the first creative activity that comes to your mind, but it is one that will surely benefit your child’s life from Christmas on out. Food is an important and often highly valued part of living, and knowing how to cook scrumptious food will make your little one extremely proud of themselves.

A cookbook is a great place to start your child on the journey to learning the ways of the kitchen. Depending on their age you can start slow with easy recipes you can cook along with them. This will allow you to help them expand their knowledge on food and give them the floor to be a part of what they eat. An extra set of hands in the kitchen may also make dinnertime run more smoothly.

Making a Choice

There are a ton of Christmas gift options that can encourage your child to work their creative side. If you are having a difficult time deciding which route to take, do some investigating.

Pay attention to which subjects your child likes in school the most, or subtly mention a friend of theirs who also draws or plays the oboe and gauge their reaction. One is sure to stick out from the rest, and your child’s eyes are sure to light up on Christmas morning when they open their new path to creative freedom.

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