5 Affordable Detox Methods That Really Work


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Whether you want to detox to feel better, look better, improve your health, or a different personal reason, you don’t have to take an expensive route to get there. We’re lucky that our bodies respond well to natural methods of detoxing the body from the inside out — we just have to know how to utilize these methods to our advantage!

From simply moving your body to reconsidering the foods that you put in your fridge—and your stomach—detoxing and feeling fresh can be achieved by simply adjusting your lifestyle choices until you reach the desired effect.

Here, we’re going over the top 5 affordable detox methods that really work, so you can get cleansed and stay on budget.

1. Sweat It Out at the Sauna

Sweating is one of our body’s natural detoxifying mechanisms. In fact, sweat is usually more concentrated with toxins from your body than urine or plasma! You can utilize this tool from your body by finding an infrared sauna nearby and sitting in it for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Make sure to stay hydrated before going in, so your body has the proper hydration it needs to stay sweating the whole time.

After your session, concentrations of elements like mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and lead will be greatly reduced, and you’ll feel an immediate cleansing feeling upon exiting.

2. Ditch the Processed and Fast Foods

By simply adjusting your normal diet, you can trick your body into expelling toxins. All you need to do is to help it by giving it the proper nutrients it needs to flush out all the bad stuff.

Foods like fast foods and processed foods are often high in sodium and fat content, which are both ingredients that can store toxins and otherwise unhealthy compounds in your body. Instead, try replacing them with foods high in fiber and water content to flush out your digestive system. Replacing carb- and fat-heavy items with fruits and vegetables can keep you filled up without adding too many calories.

3. Fill Up on Water

By using water’s natural flushing properties, you can feel renewed and refreshed simply by upping your daily intake and sticking to the routine. Most people are dehydrated—they just don’t know it!

For proper hydration, aim to drink anywhere from 2 liters to 1 gallon of water each day. At first, you may notice a more frequent pattern of urination, but soon enough, your body will adjust to this new lifestyle and support your water intake.

4. Clear Out with a Detox Kit

When you need to do a THC Detox for a specific purpose like passing a drug test or medical-related reasons, sometimes turning to a consumer products like a detox kit can be just the thing you need. What’s great about these is that you can find so many affordable options that are made specifically for removing THC from urine, clearing up brain fog, or returning your liver back to a healthy state.

Before buying one, do your research into the ratings and reviews from previous customers. A good product will have high ratings and positive things to say about their experience using the product.

Once you have it, follow the instructions carefully to ensure full satisfaction with the detoxing process.

5. Ante Up on the Exercise

A great way to detox your body while receiving a whole other host of benefits is by simply increasing your amount of exercise. Exercise will increase your natural sweat production, cause you to drink more water, and flush out toxins from your fat cells and muscles. This also helps speed up your metabolism, which is one of the body’s natural detoxing functions.

Detoxing and cleansing don’t have to entail buying an expensive juice set or investing in costly supplements. Sometimes it just means moving your body, changing up your diet, or doing your research for an affordable kit.

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