7 Cost-Effective Ways to Take Care of Your Teeth and Avoid Expensive Dental Visits

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While going to a dentist regularly is important, the costs of seeing a dental professional are enough to steer potential patients away from the dentist office.  Luckily, there are a number of cost-effective ways to take care of your teeth,so you can minimize the number of dentist visits you have. Consider these money-saving tips for a healthier smile:

1. Be Cautious of What You Eat

Unfortunately, lots of foods have the potential to damage your teeth. One thing that dentists tell you from a young age is to watch your sugar intake. Eating too much sugar can cause your teeth to decay, thus leading to expensive dentist visits. On valleyridgedentalcentre.com, it states that tooth decay from sugary foods can eventually lead to cavities and other serious dental problems.

Here are some other foods and drinks to avoid and why:

  • Cigarettes and Red Wine: These can stain your teeth. Having to whiten your teeth can run thousands of dollars. 
  • Carbonated Drinks: The citric and phosphoric acid in carbonated drinks can damage your tooth enamel.
  • Starches: These linger on your teeth and transform into plaque.
  • Alcoholic Beverages: These dry out your mouth and erode your tooth enamel.

2. Seriously, Don’t Skip Flossing

It’s not always enough just to brush twice a day. Another thing you should be doing is flossing every day. By doing so, you can remove the tiny bits of food that linger in between your teeth after eating. Flossing helps to do away with built-up plaque. Not only does flossing keep your teeth healthy, but it keeps your gums healthy too. Excess amounts of plaque can lead to gum disease and cavities.

3. Get Dental Insurance

Paying a small premium for a dental insurance plan may seem like an added expense, but it will come in handy should you ever have a dental emergency. These plans can cost as little as $100 a year and usually cover two annual checkups and cleanings.Some dental procedures can cost thousands of dollars, so having insurance saves you from those large expenses.

4. Brush Properly

Brushing twice a day might not be doing you any good if you aren’t brushing properly. When you brush, ensure you are brushing on every side. Circular motions and back-and-forth strokes are the most effective ways to brush your teeth.To clean your gums, brush softly along the gum line. You should always brush your tongue, too, to prevent bad breath and plaque build-up.

5. Use Fluoride Toothpaste

While some people advocate against the use of fluoride due to adverse health effects, fluoride is an effective way to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride does a good job of fighting the bacteria that can lead to tooth decay,and it acts as a layer of protection for your teeth.

6. Try Mouthwash

Mouthwash is so useful because it minimizes the amount of acid you have in your mouth, reintroduces important minerals to your teeth, and cleans areas of your mouth that are difficult to brush. You can pick up a mouthwash at your drugstore for only a few dollars. You should consider using it in conjunction with other dental hygiene practices.

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