I Earned $150 with My First Door Dash Delivery Through Swagbucks


If you are a swagbucks member, you may want to check your account to see if they have an offer for 150,000 SBs for your first delivery with Door Dash. I got it, signed up to Door Dash and did my delivery and I should have the money in 4 days it says.  I actually want to keep delivering because it was so easy.  Sadly, my area must have too many “dashers” because its hard to get time slots but I will keep trying  :-)

doordash(click pic to see it larger)

If you aren’t already signed up to Swagbucks, you can GO HERE to sign up !

NOTE: as you can see from my shop activity screen shot, I also always shop through swagbucks when I buy things on Amazon.  Sometimes it pays me and sometimes it doesn’t (it depends on the type of item you buy).

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