Hyperdeck Opens at Boardwalk Bowl September 20


Boardwalk Bowl, the mega-multi experience entertainment center in Orlando, is the first location in the region to offer the Hyperdeck, the latest and greatest in virtual reality experiences from MajorMega.  Rich and I were lucky enough to get to try it the other evening and it was so much fun!  It features a full-motion floor and multi-sensory effects such as hurricane force winds, heat and earth-rattling movements.  Players of all ages, skill levels and VR experience can enjoy this thrill-ride-level experience.

Worried about the typical motion sickness that comes along with virtual reality? Don’t be! The Hyperdeck simulates real environmental physics. Players actually feel the wind, heat and other forces just as they would in real life.  I usually get very sick from roller coasters and simulation type rides but this didn’t make me feel sick at all.


Spectator play allows onlookers to interact with players inside the game via tablets provided outside the Hyperdeck (you can see the tablets in the photo I took above).  You can either help a player by giving them gems or hinder a player by throwing a bomb at them.  This gives people waiting in line something fun to do.

The price for this 8 minute experience is $10 for the first turn and $8 for a second turn.  For more information about Boardwalk Bowl, visit www.AlomaBowlingCenters.com/Boardwalk.

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