PBS Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs Big and Small on DVD

DVD Dinosaur Train Dinosaurs Big and Small

PBS Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs Big and Small is now on DVD and contains 10 fun-filled adventures with Buddy, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, his friends and adoptive Pteranodon family, who travel on a special train and explore the world.

PBS Dinosaur Train Dinosaurs Big and Small

Episodes include:

  • The Tiny-Saur Train
  • How Many Horns
  • Mom Was a Kid Once Part 1
  • Mom Was a Kid Once Part 2
  • Gilbert the Conductor
  • A Clubhouse of Their Own
  • A Brand New Species Part 1
  • A Brand New Species Part2
  • Don’s Hole-iday
  • We’re Not All Dinosaurs

In How Many Horns, best friends Buddy and Tank Triceratops share a love for comparing features. Tank, who has 3 horns, wonders why Mayor Kosmoceratops has 15, and Protoceratops has only 1. Buddy, Tank and the gang go on a quest to track down Ceratopsians, and they end up meeting “the Queen,” an amazing Late Cretaceous Regliceratops, who has a very decorative frill that almost rivals Kosmoceratops for number of horns.

Then, the gang heads to Jurrasic China in The Tiny-Saur Train, where the search is on to find the tiniest dinosaur of all. In We’re Not All Dinosaurs, the Pteranodon kids meet a new, small mammal friend, Adele Alphadon, and introduce her to their Big Pong friend, Cindy Cimolestes, to a new concept – that not all Mesozoic creatures are dinosaurs!

And in A Clubhouse of Their Own, the kids want their own hangout that’s separate from the family nest. They try out several locations, but none of them are the right fit. But with the help of Mom and Dad, the group builds their own clubhouse using natural materials.


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