6 Affordable and Meaningful Gifts For the Holidays


With Christmas and other holidays coming soon, it is important to keep in mind what the season of giving is all about.

When you’re shopping for Christmas gifts it can be tempting to spring for expensive goodies that you think will impress. In reality, there are many gifts that will show you care about someone without forcing you to break the bank.

Here are six meaningful and affordable gifts that will come in handy this holiday season.

1. Mugs

For those of you with coffee lovers in your list of friends and family, these special novelty mugs are the answer to your Christmas prayers. Anyone that enjoys coffee or tea will welcome a new mug with open arms.

They come in a variety of customizable styles and patterns, including the option to choose your loved one’s favorite furry friend and put their name on the mug they’ll use every day.
Best of all, these mugs are incredibly affordable, so you can get them for a few of the people on your shopping list.

2. Adult Coloring Book and Colored Pencils

You don’t have to go all out buying paints and charcoals for your artsy friend, because those kinds of art supplies can get expensive.

Instead, get them an adult coloring book with tons of challenging patterns and a pack of colored pencils.

Any art lover would be delighted with this gift, and even those that aren’t great at drawing or painting can find peace and relaxation in this activity. There’s no pressure to paint a masterpiece!

3. Personalized Ornament

Another great gift idea that is sentimental and affordable is a personalized tree ornament.

Whether you decorate it yourself or have a family photo put into it, your loved ones are bound to love this gift. They will get to look at every year while they’re putting up the tree.

4. Photo Album

One of the best and most fun gifts to make for your loved ones is a photo album.

Create a personalized collage of all of the best times that you’ve had together so that you can look back on it for years to come.
This gift is especially cheap if you can find a good album on sale. You can either print the photos out at home or use a popular photo service like Walgreens, CVS, or Walmart.

5. Creative and Fun Doormat

One of the best gifts, especially for loved ones who have recently become homeowners, is a personalized and creative doormat.

They are sure to love this thoughtful gift whether you have a funny saying put on it or simply put their last name. These mats don’t usually run at expensive costs, but keep in mind that the personalized options for doormats will be more expensive than normal mats.

6. Customizable T-Shirt

You’ve probably noticed a trend by now that pretty much anything that’s customizable is the perfect gift for someone you love, and T-shirts are no exception.

Find a graphic tee that your loved one will want to wear every day or give them your own creation.

Bonus tip for pet owners: get them a shirt with their furry friend’s face on it. They’ll love that they can take their best friend everywhere that they go – and they get to show off their cute pet too!

Bottom Line

The holiday season can seem like an endless time period of spending money on gifts for your family and friends. However, gift shopping doesn’t have to be a relentless item on your to-do list. Trust a few websites that specialize in customizable gifts, and throw yourself into making a personalized design for your loved one. There are tons of affordable, yet meaningful, options for gifts that anybody will love!

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