Professor Puzzle has the Best Games and Puzzles for Gifting


Professor Puzzle is the world’s most innovative designer and manufacturer of games and puzzles.

Some of the puzzles include:

The Boredom Box: This box is bursting with enough fun and games to keep you entertained for days! Jam-packed with classic games, brain training puzzles, and traditional favorites, just lift the lid and let the fun explode! At a loose end? In need of distraction? This box is bursting with enough fun and games to keep you entertained for days! Jam-packed with classic games, brain training puzzles, and traditional favorites, just lift the lid and let the fun explode!Featuring over 200 challenges to keep everyone entertained.

Puzzle & Perplex: Can you take apart the pieces of each one of these puzzles and put them back together again? Made of solid steel, this set of 10 puzzles is guaranteed to get you flexing your cognitive muscles. Compete with friends and family as you test your brainpower trying to separate and reattach the parts of each puzzle.

Think Outside the Box: Can you get your head around this beautifully finished wooden brain-teaser? The challenge is to find the way to open this mysterious wooden trick box … it’s definitely not as easy as it looks!

The Case of the Priceless Coin: Navigate your way through the rooms, hallways, and hidden passages of 221B Baker Street to make your escape through the rear window. Holmes is suddenly alert to being followed and concludes that one of Moriarty’s henchmen has been sent to obtain the coin. If he can lure the villain back to 221B Baker Street, he can lead him through a game of cat and mouse before escaping and alerting Scotland Yard to arrest his trapped pursuer.

The Challenge Trilogy: Use your powers of deduction and reasoning with this compendium of three different mystery games. Featuring over 150 riddles, puzzles, and enigmas, this collection of games and quizzes will put your brain under closer scrutiny than a magnifying glass!

Buzzer Battle: From tricky tests of trivia to laugh out loud party games, you’ll need your fingers at the ready as you go head-to-head against friends and family. Get prepared for some epic battles, where the main focus is always to hit that buzzer loudly and proudly!

I Moustache You a Question: Prepare for the ultimate facial hair face-off with this fan-tache-tic trivia game! Pop on a pair of ‘tache specs and answer trivia questions in a battle to win extra pieces, grow the longest moustache and win the title of Handlebar Hero! With 600 questions, split evenly between kids and adults this game is perfect entertainment for the whole family.

TYLE: Go head to head in this colourful lateral thinking game! Players each start in a different corner of the grid. Then they battle it out to be the first to move all the way to the opposite corner by rotating, flipping and sliding tyles to create a path to victory. Don’t just focus on creating your own path though – enjoy sabotaging your opponents along the way!

Lock Puzzle: Albert Einstein’s brain was the key to unlocking some of the world’s greatest mysteries. From electromagnets to GPS technology and satellites, Einstein’s theories paved the way for countless scientific developments and revolutionary inventions. Put your own brainpower to the test as you attempt to open the lock.

Mixed Messages: Contains a trilogy of quiz games. The case of the cryptic clue, a testing game of deduction. The case of the curious conundrums, a tricky test of lateral thinking. The case of the double agent, a curious game of disguise. Test & develop your powers of deduction, lateral thinking and problem solving skills.

Escape from the Grand Hotel: Invite your guests, set your scene and get ready to host a night of fun and intrigue. Each guest can come dressed as one of the eight characters, ready to play their role. During the evening, they must travel through the hotel solving the series of mysterious puzzles that release them from each room. The ultimate quest? To uncover the dark, hidden secret of The Grand Hotel.

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