The Berenstain Bears: Lend a Helping Hand on DVD


The Berenstain Bears new DVD will include 6 episodes including “Lend a Helping Hand“. In this episode, Brother and Sister Bear learn about helping others when they run into the frail and elderly Widder Jones on their way to a friend’s house. She recruits the duo to help with chores, which doesn’t excite the siblings. However, they soon learn that helping others can be truly rewarding.
Other adventures on this DVD include:
  • Think of Those in Need – Stuff in the closets, stuff in the drawers, stuff in the attic–too much stuff everywhere! Mama Bear convinces the family that cleaning out the house can not only simplify their cluttered lives, but also benefit those who are in need!
  • Hug and Make Up – Brother, Sister and their friends all have acts to practice for a backyard circus they’re putting on. Sister has perfected a bicycle stunt that looks very impressive – that is until Brother does the same routine riding a unicycle. In the interest of a better show, Sister graciously bows out to make room for Brother’s more entertaining act. When Brother comes to realize how he’s hurt Sister’s feelings, he apologizes and makes an effort to teach her how to ride the unicycle before the big show.
  • Moving DayJoin Mama, Papa, and Brother as they pack up, say heartfelt goodbyes to friends, and move from the mountains and into their beloved tree house down the sunny dirt road.
  • Big Bear, Small BearBrother gets his own key to the treehouse which causes him to think strongly about growing up. When he helps Papa with some grown-up work, Sister and the other cubs think he has no more time to play with them. Papa shows Brother that just like grown-ups, cubs have important jobs too.
  • The Birthday Boy – Sister decides to do her ‘Tell Us About A Family Member’ school assignment on Brother. However videotaping him for her project not only allows her to see a side of him she never saw before, it helps her realize just how much her big brother really means to her.
Run Time 80 minutes.  You can purchase the DVD on Amazon here.
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