3 Wedding Ideas For Laid-Back Brides

What do you imagine when you think of your dream wedding? For many people, it’s walking down the aisle in front of 500 guests, wearing a ballgown which Cinderella would envy. But for others, it’s something much more casual – an intimate ceremony surrounded by your nearest and dearest, where you can let your hair down together and have a good time.

Because the average American wedding costs almost $25,000, it’s not surprising that more couples are choosing to ditch the drama in favor of a more laid-back day. If you and your partner are planning a wedding, and want an informal way to share your love with the world, read on. Here are three ways you can make your ceremony as laid-back as you.

1) Wear Flat Shoes

There’s nothing worse than wearing a pair of uncomfortable shoes. Pinched toes, sore heels, and blisters can easily ruin an otherwise perfect day.

Most brides are surprised by how little time they get to sit down at their wedding! Even the most comfortable pair of heels can leave your arches aching after a couple of hours – and who wants to be hobbling their way through their very first dance with their partner?

Sandals are the ultimate wedding shoes for laid-back brides. Think dainty straps, crystal embellishment, even floral designs – sandals can be even more beautiful than conventional wedding heels. If you’re getting married on a beach, then check out these gorgeous barefoot beach wedding sandals that will let you feel the sand between your toes as you say your vows near the ocean. There’s no 5-star wedding package we’d take over that.

2) Find A Dress With Pockets

Discovering that your new dress has pockets is always a victorious moment. Now imagine if that dress is your wedding dress!

We’re seeing a huge increase in the number of wedding dresses with pockets, so much so that many bridal websites now have sections dedicated to this trend. As designers embrace a welcome blend of style and practicality, it’s never been easier to find a dress that doubles as the perfect place to keep your ‘something blue’ during the ceremony.

From satin A-line gowns to bohemian lace dresses, there are plenty of options out there for brides who don’t want to worry about carrying around a bag on their big day. Not only are pockets practical, they also look great in photos – simply slide in your hands for the perfect effortless pose.

3) Embrace The Bespoke And Homemade

Weddings with rustic decor are all the rage. Whether it’s upcycling old wooden boxes into beautiful signs, filling jars from the thrift store with party favors, or making your own confetti from dried wild flowers, there are hundreds of ways to put your own stamp on your wedding decor. Handmade decorations don’t just look beautiful – they also help keep costs down, saving you money for the honeymoon or a future ‘rainy day’ fund.

Do you have any friends or family members who could help you create a bespoke ceremony? Perhaps your future mother-in-law is excellent at embroidery, or your grandfather is great at DIY. If anyone has any special skills, ask them if they would mind helping you put some finishing touches to your decor. Most people would be delighted to help out, and it’ll give your wedding a homespun, family feel that will ensure it’s as unique as you are.

Keep the Vibe Stress-Free

If you’re planning your perfect laid-back wedding, follow these tips for a ceremony that’s as relaxed as it is romantic.

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