Word Relax is a Scam You Won’t Make Money

Word Relax is a Scam


When I first heard about the app Word Relax by Dream Studio a few months ago, I was intrigued.  It is a word game similar to the games I like to play on my phone and they claim you will make money while playing it.  I am not naïve and figured I would have to play for a really long and watch a ton of ads (there is one ad between each level and other ads to watch for the free coins to play). What I didn’t know was that it is impossible to reach the $20 minimum to cash out.   I spent months playing every day and finished all 6100 levels of the game. There are now no more games for me to play and I am only at $19.99.  So basically it is impossible to get to $20 to cash out.

How the game works is that you start off “earning” quick money and as you play through more levels you must complete more and more games to earn less and less money. By the time I was at $19.73, I was earning a penny for completing 99 to 189 levels. Then when I finally reached $19.99 at level 6100, there were no games left to play.  However, you need $20 to cash out for PayPal or an Amazon gift card but you will never reach it.


If you search, you will find reviews from people saying they made money at level 3000 so I assume that the app developers changed the game after they received plenty of good reviews. They actually have a 4.7 rating for their app but if you read the reviews most people rating it high played very early on in the game or wrote their review before playing for very long.  What people need to do is go read all the 1 star reviews (like mine) to see the game now is impossible to make money off of.

I contacted them through the “contact us” button on the app and have not received any reply and I am not holding my breath that I will.  Sadly, many people are going to play this game and watch tons of ads that the developer will make money off of and no one will ever be paid what is owed to them.  I just hope this post gets found when people search for reviews on the game !!!

Word Relax is Scam

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