How to Help Your Dog With Fireworks Anxiety

How to Help Your Dog With Fireworks Anxiety


They say that “A dog is a man’s best friend,” but what happens when your pet behaves unusually? What are you going to do? Most dog lovers or owners are compassionate when it comes to their dog’s feelings. They can quickly determine whether their pet is feeling happy or down, especially if he or she is sick. If there’s anyone who knows a dog’s behavior or attitude, it is his or her owner.

Let us say that your dog is feeling down lately, and you noticed that it started when you had celebrated a special occasion. You are trying to figure out what could have been the problem, but you are unsure what started it exactly. If you just finished celebrating New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve, or other occasions, you might consider things that were present at that time. So, what could it be that could make your dog uncomfortable?

Independence Day, the grand 4th of July, is coming. One culprit that you might not know that could trigger your dog’s anxiety is fireworks. Well, aside from the bright and colorful displays you see in the sky, it could also bring a threat to your dog. How and why? You will get to know more about it in this article.

3 Reasons Why Fireworks Cause Anxiety to Dogs

1. It comes with a loud “Boom!” or sound.

Do you know that dogs have a more sensitive hearing than humans? They can hear sounds of 50,000 vibrations in a second. It is the reason why hearing fireworks to them has a much brighter reception causing them to respond defensively. Some dogs have violent reactions like destroying leash or things and running away.

2. It threatens your pet.

If your dog experienced traumatic events in life like being abused or getting into an accident, it could also pose a threat to him or her. The feeling that they get from the sound of the fireworks causes them to run or panic. It has the same effect on them regarding the bad life situations they were in before. Click here to know more about it.

3. It is unpredictable.

It is something that happens twice or thrice a year but not every day. Animals tend to get more scared because of this. They are not used to the noise, and it is so much for them to handle. It is why many animals hurt themselves whenever they hear fireworks.

Now that you know why your dog could be anxious because of fireworks let us enumerate how you can prevent it from happening.


How to Prevent Your Dog’s Anxiety in Fireworks:

1. Use pheromones or supplement.

Some dog owners buy pheromones. These are substances that animals produce, which can cause a change in behavior. While others try natural supplements that are also effective in removing anxiety in animals, please check my reference to know more about it. You can also check out other resources for more information.

2. Train your pet.

There are dog owners who go for training. They believe that they can prevent the anxiety if they teach their pets how to act on it. Here, pet owners link the fireworks events to a happy memory or situation. It reduces the occurrence of the dog’s violent reaction to it.

3. Use a white noise-canceling machine.

Just like in humans, the white noise canceling machine is also useful when animals use it. It blocks other sounds from the environment by producing other noises that are pleasant to the ears of your pet. It gives relaxation to your pet, and it gives them more time to rest. You can find white noise-canceling machines in the market or online.

4. Bring your dog outside before the fireworks event.

Bringing along your pet outside for a jog, walk, or bike could get him or her a good mood. It could also tire your dog and make him or her asleep during the fireworks event. It will lessen your worry about getting your pet anxious. Visit this link to know more about it.

No matter what happens, always remember that your dog needs your care. At this trying time, you should always comfort your pet. Attend to your pet’s needs like you always have been. Never stop showering your love.


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