Beginner’s Guide to Chocolate Vitamins


Chocolate is one of the most used and enjoyed ingredients in the entire world. Regardless of its constant popularity, chocolate is also one of the most misunderstood ingredients in the world.

Derived from the cocoa plant, these delicious treats can be eaten in many different forms. As a slab, covered in hazel nuts, in cake form, in hot drink form, and even combined with many other delicious ingredients.

Contrary to popular belief that chocolate is unhealthy, itactually holds many different minerals and vitamins needed in our systems. Because of its delicious taste, many manufacturers have created chocolate vitamins.

If you want to learn more about this delicious treat, read on.


It should be mentioned that there is a great difference between dark chocs and milk chocs. You must’ve noticed a percentage on certain choc bars ranging between 40%-80%. This indicates the cocoa solid percentage within the product.

The higher the percentage the healthier the choc bar will be, since it contains many of the raw cacao ingredients that are good for you.

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Since dark chocolate has a higher concentrate of cocoa it holds many benefits. Here is a list of only the few benefits associated with this delicious treat:

It could improve focus, memory, and brain function
It holds high levels of antioxidants
It can lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation
It supports a healthy skin
It decreases feelings associated with depression and stress
It helps in suppressing and controlling appetite

This doesn’t mean that you can chomp down on 5 kilograms of dark chocolate each day, but you don’t have to feel guilty when you do indulge in a few blocks of dark treats each day.


Raw chocolates include many different vitamins and minerals. You can find calcium, zinc, potassium, iron, sulfur, Vitamin E, and Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B9.

The fat content is also extremely low in these kinds of bites, between 1-2 grams. Some cacao vitamins have less than 30 calories, making them a guilt-free treat.

A high cacao content snack is dark in color and is loaded with minerals and soluble fibers. A bar that contains between 70-85% cacao will have 11 grams of fiber, 58% of magnesium 98% manganese, 89% copper, and 67% iron. It also has high levels of zinc, selenium, and phosphorus.

Unfortunately, a 100-gram bar also comes with a calorie count of almost 600. Making it not a daily solution to get your minerals and vitamins. Vitamin chocolates are designed to compact all these beneficial ingredients with low calorie counts of as little as 25.

Furthermore, cacao products have other ingredients that can boost your mood. These messengers are known as Anandamide, Phenylethylamine, and Theobromine. Consuming these ingredients can give you a blissful sensation that elevates your mood and makes you feel good. Phenylethylamine can speed up our pulse and this increases focus and alertness.

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Many manufacturers of this new hyped up products, believe that the supplement industry is broken. Supplements can feel like you’re taking medication every morning. Instead of popping a pill, that you aren’t sure of the ingredients, you can rather have a chocolatey bite of something delicious. While knowing what you are putting in your body.

There are no artificial colorants or flavors included, are vegetarian friendly, and mainly gluten free. The color is typically created by adding 100% clean fruit juice. This makes chocolate vitamins perfect for people on all kinds of diets including the Keto diet.

There is a bit of a concern when it comes to the sugar content of chocolate. In most of these bites you’ll find cane sugar. The sugar content isn’t higher as a regular piece of gummy candy or gummy vitamin. Almost never more than 2 grams.

Other natural and clean ingredients that can be included are black currants and roasted peanuts.

Many vitamins like Sourse chocolate vitamins, use high quality ingredients that will ensure the product’s high vitamin and nutritious content. One little delicious bite will give you enough vitamins and minerals as an A-Z multivitamin in the morning.

When you start shopping around for these supplement replacers, then you will be able to find bites that are created for specifics too. Either a calcium bite, multi-vitamin bite, energy booster, or a delicious multivitamin for kids.

You can become part of the hype by replacing your daily supplement with a delicious, nutritious, and vitamin-filled chocolate bite. Not only will you give yourself a guilt-free treat, you will also experience all the benefits from 100% natural ingredients.

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