How to Treat Dog and Cat Phobias the Natural Way

People have a lot of emotions, we can feel happy, and sad, we can feel anxious and excited, all at the same time, some emotions we can control, while others may be slightly difficult to do so. However out of all those numerous feelings and mindsets, we put ourselves in, one of the most common and unfortunate emotions is fear and is present in both us and our pets, whether we like it or not.

Humans are, however, better at handling it than our four-legged creatures. Even if they are, we have no idea what they’re thinking, all we see is their behaviors and sass out what’s happening. If they run away from something, we know they’re either scared or angry.

If they keep doing this, and display signs of behavior that shows that they may just have more than just a single scared moment, but rather do the same thing every time that instance, person or things is Infront of them, it is likely to lean towards becoming a phobia. If you are someone who has got a pet that gets plagued by this from time to time, this website here has some useful information for you to dig into.

When we don’t like something to the extent that it stops us from breathing and we get nightmares about it, it can become a phobia. Humans usually have these towards spiders, heights, needles, snakes, and sometimes large bodies of water.

Pets, on the other hand, can have the same or slightly different ones. The ones that we know of range from loud noises i.e. lightning, thunderstorms and fireworks, separation anxiety i.e. when left alone at home for long periods, strangers, or people they are not familiar with and even needles from when they go to the vet.

There could be many reasons for this, some researchers say that it could be due to negative past life experiences that still haunt them or trigger their anxiety, sometimes if not exposed to social scenarios early on in life, pets can get phobias about this as well. Lastly, it could be a genetic disposition towards these feelings.


One Natural and Safe Component That Can Help Phobias in Our Pets

Whatever be the reason for this, pet owners should be able to treat it and help make them feel better as best as they can. Anyone can get squeamish during stressful environments of situations whether they have a phobia or not, and the good news is that there is one natural home remedy that you can introduce to your cat or dogs’ diet that may just be what they’ve been missing all this time.

When we suggested a natural remedy that can be given to them at home, we were talking about the popular hemp plant extract CBD or Cannabidiol. Before you start to think we’re going to make your pet high, so they can’t feel anything. That’s completely the opposite of what this will do.

CBD has been studied and researched and looked at some more, to find world-class benefits towards both us and our furry friends, in an array of different scenarios and in healing a lot of common problems with both the mind and the body. For you, as the owner, if you have been going through this emotion as well, there are tons of online helpful resources that you could take a page out of

If we had to lay out what exactly has been done regarding all the clinical trials and results thereof, we would be here all day.Therefore, we will point you to the product responsible instead and save you the endless reading of all the lengthy pages filled with tons of medical research and their results. Although if you are interested, feel free to read about it all by yourself in the comfort of your own home while your pooch is in dreamland…taking a well-deserved nap.

Studies that have been done on treating phobias in patients, and have shown that these anxiety disorders that affect our daily lives, can benefit from being exposed to the CBD extract and yielding evidence that in an 8-week trial , for instance, when given certain mg of CBD oil, shows the interaction of it with the brain receptors and it inhibiting those negative feelings in them over time. The conclusion is, the same positive influence can take place on animals as we both have the same endocannabinoid system or ECS.

When giving your pets the same thing, be sure to invest in one that has been lab-tested and is free from any toxins or heavy metal pollutants.

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