6 Ways to Improve the Lives of Our Elderly Citizens

Life is a precious gift that should be enjoyed even in old age. However, not every person is capable of stepping into the mind of an elderly person. Many elderly people are neglected and find life hard when they have to do most tasks independently.

It’s vital to ensure our elderly citizens are cared for in the best way possible. Besides visiting your aged relative once in a year, how about taking measures to make their everyday life better?

We have compiled a list of things you can do to improve the quality of life for elderly citizens.

1) Enhance Their Mobility

Considering the health challenges that most senior citizens face, movement is a major concern. Most aged people find themselves spending hours seated or sleeping, which is not healthy. You can change this by ensuring their homes are equipped with grab bars, stairlifts, and transfer poles for easier mobility.

You also need to ensure they spend some time outdoors. If your senior relative has problems walking on their own, install ramps and buy them the right wheelchairs.

Nowadays, there are many products on the market like Motobility scooters to help physically challenged people explore the outdoors.

2) Coordinate Family Visits

Companionship is one of the surest ways to prevent depression and encourage healthy living. If you have an elderly relative that spends most of the time alone, it’s crucial to visit them more often.

  • Spend some quality time with them and make them feel cared for. Take walks, prepare food, or play games with the seniors whenever you visit them. This gives them something to look forward to when you are not around. Monitor their health and ask what challenges they are facing. Make family visits a regular thing.

Make Sure They Are Eating Well and Taking Their Medication

The health of senior citizens depends on the kind of food they eat, physical activities, and medication. If they are not eating well and following their medications, their health condition will deteriorate fast.

When you visit your aged relative, make sure they have enough food in their fridge and all the necessary medication. Talk to their doctor or nutritionist to know what they need before leaving. This is especially necessary if they don’t have someone to care for them 24/7.

Keep Them Mentally Active

Mental stimulation is crucial in ensuring our brain is active at all times. Seniors need to be mentally active to improve their cognitive function and maintain their overall sense of wellbeing. Encourage them to engage in daily brain games such as crossword puzzles, writing, Sudoku, storytelling, or reading.

Monitor and Treat Depression

Aging comes with many mental health challenges, depression being the most common problem. Depression is triggered by many factors, such as losing a spouse, retirement, or diseases. Ensure your aged relative or friend goes for medical checkups regularly. This ensures mental health issues are identified before they become worse.

In case your elderly relative or friend is depressed, make sure they get the right medication.

Make Them Feel Useful

Most senior citizens have a lot of free time because they no longer have something going on in their lives. This might make them feel useless or unwanted, which triggers depression.

Look for ways to make them feel important and wanted by engaging them in tasks they can handle. Ask them for help with simple tasks such as folding clothes.

Bottom Line

It’s your duty to ensure your elderly relative or friend has a quality life. Offer emotional support and ensure they get quality healthcare.

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