DIY Time Machine: How to Recreate Iconic 50s


Fashion from Home

Fashion in the 50s was booming, with style icons like Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly informing every woman’s wardrobe.

Thankfully, you don’t need a DeLorean to go back to the 50s. You can create a little time capsule of the past yourself with a few fashion hacks. Create the look for yourself with these simple DIY suggestions.

Raid the Closets

The easiest way to put together a 50s-inspired look is to use clothes from the 50s that you may already own. Parents, grandparents, and perhaps even your closet may house some glamorous finds that would be perfect for this look.

Reach out to relatives to ask about any potential fashion finds that could be collecting dust in the attic.

Maybe your mother has been keeping an old bridesmaid dress in the back of the closet, or a hat box with old accessories up on a shelf. What you find may just surprise you! Whatever you don’t have, you can buy custom-made from Heartmycloset.

Style Your Hair

Do you want easy at-home 1950s pinup girl curls? Then I guess it’s time to break out the heat rollers! Did you know that getting these iconic curls doesn’t always require a heating element? You can look just like the old film starlets with a few supplies from around the house.

Below are a few ways that you can curl your hair at home without any hair supplies. Each method will ask you to break your h air into sections.

These will become your curls. If you want smaller, tighter curls, break your hair into smaller sections. For longer, looser curls, grab larger sections. The 50s look will be somewhere in between.

The Bun Method

1. Wash your hair and condition well.
2. Dry your hair until it is damp but not dripping.
3. Break your hair into sections.
4. Twist each section like you are turning a knob until it looks like a long, twisted rope.
5. Keep twisting so that it wraps around itself and creates a small bun.
6. Pin each section in place with a bobby pin.
7. Repeat this until all of your hair is in a bun.

The Pin Curls Method

1. Separate your hair into sections.
2. Wrap one section at a time around your finger.
3. Take this loop and bobby pin it to your head in place. It should look like a little circle.
4. Repeat this with each section.
5. Wrap your hair to keep intact and go to sleep.
6. Take the pins out in the morning for glamorous curls. You can also create fabulous curls with socks, a blow dryer, and more!

Accessories Are Everything

Don’t have a dress that looks the part? No need to stress. You can easily transform a modern-looking dress into the foundation of an iconic 1950s look by dressing it up with time-period accessories! Many of these accessories can be created at home affordably.

Hats of this time were often adorned with fabric flowers, veils, and patterns. Try turning some fabric and a modern headband and scrunchie into a 1950s hat. Use thread and a sewing needle, or just stick it all on with a glue gun. Fashion scarves and gloves were also a major accessory of this era.

Take Lots of Pictures

Once you’ve created the look, don’t forget to snap a few pictures! Don’t be afraid to throw a filter on the shot to make it look like it was taken by a vintage camera.

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