How Best to Enjoy Spa Time with Bath Bomb


Yearning for a relaxing and refreshing shower, the type where you get to de-stress and not just get cleaned? First, you deserve one, and secondly, how about adding a bath bomb to your wash? It is the right ingredient for an invigorating wash that always leaves you feeling better than before—more than a regular shower.

It is as simple as tossing one or two fizz balls inside the tub and sit in for most people. But for another category, they make serious efforts to ensure they enjoy their spa time with bath bombs. And if you plan to, you certainly want to take a hint from them.

If you are wondering how safe it is to use, you can visit this link to know more on the best ways to use your bath bombs. Planning a relaxing time at the spa or in your tub at home? Below are some of the best ways you can enjoy your time with bath bombs.

1.      Set the Tone

For a shower, you mean? You might ask. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not planning for your bath, but if you want to get the real spa treatment, you want to arrange to have it the right way. There are many ways you can set the tone for a fizzy bath. You can scoop some of them below.

·         Pick your Color(s)

You can decide to color your bath water any way you choose and thanks to the many different options available. Choose a single color, or make a mash-up with combo options. You can have it anyhow you want. There is no worry about getting them in your hair or eyes, as they are made from natural ingredients safe to interact with.

·         Consider Light Options

If you use the hotel spa on your travels, you will agree that the lighting does play a part in the thrilling experience. And you can equally replicate this during your therapeutic bath time. You don’t have to install anything fancy in the shower. Changing the bulb from bright white or yellow to blue, green, or any other of your liking could work the magic.

Scented candles could also provide you with moody lighting for your therapy. You can find tips here on how to burn a candle the right way.

2.      Choose your Therapy

You can use bath bombs for wet therapy that relieves your mind and body, and you can include other additions to your advantage. As earlier mention, scented candles can be one way to improve your therapy, but there are many more. Some of the ways to include therapy in your bath time include

·         Try Music

If you enjoy listening to music, you can get your favorite playlist jamming while you swim through the deep blue seas. That’s in your mind, that is. It doesn’t have to be blues or soft, but it has to be something that helps you take the edge off as you relax.

·         Read Through the Clean

Rather than swiping through Instagram photos, you can choose to do some reading or any other productive thing while you stay clean. And if you play to stay in there a while, you want to make the best use of it. So it could be an excellent time to finish the book you have wanted to.

·         Nappy Happy Clean

Who says you can’t sleep off in the bathtub. They never really had the right bomb. You can take your therapy to another level by choosing fizzy options that make it easy for you to relax and even fall asleep. Some essential oil varieties could help you loosen up faster, but I find CBD options to be more potent for sleep.

Staying Clean and Relaxed

You want to time your bath. So keep a reminder nearby, so you don’t lose track of it. Another thing is to pick the right bombs. They have to be from natural ingredients and easy to dissolve in water without any residues. You don’t want to be faced with cleaning up your messy bathroom afterward.

It is also advised that you don’t use too many bombs in your bathwater. I like to use one or two depending on the size of the balls. You can decide to do this daily, provided you use only those from natural ingredients.

Final Note

You should do some serious planning for when you use bath bombs, and try not to rush the party. And while you are the only person invited, you should ensure you bring all the goodness with you.

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