Trying Out Aphrodisiac Oils for the First Time — What to Expect


There are occasions where someone might want to try new things in bed. It’s an absolutely normal desire that suddenly appears, often in dire situations where the sexual life of a couple seems threatened by a lack of desire, motivation, emotion, and passion.

Now, there are a lot of things one can try, such as toys, roleplay, and of course, essential aphrodisiac oils. In my experience, oils are a little more welcoming to people since they are more acceptable by the media and the standard citizen in comparison to other alternatives, like sex toys, sexual plays based on roleplays and other not so concurrent techniques.

If you are interested in using essential oils to stimulate yours and your partner’s passion and libido, you might wonder whether they are actually effective or not. And that is reasonable, considering that you’ll be spending money on a bottle which price might range from medium expensive to very expensive real quick.

Now, in this article, I’m going to share my experience with essential oils to improve intimacy, as well as showcase the right mindset you should have if you decide to use them.

Different Types of Stimulation

When it comes to improving sexual desire, you have many ways to achieve it. A lot of people believe that seafood is a really good aphrodisiac, and oysters are often set as the main example of this. Some sweets like dark chocolate have been linked to increasing libido as well, as certain types of fruit and vegetables. There’s also a belief that food can achieve arouses through spicy flavors and heat, as well as foods made out of sexual organs from animals, like bull testicles, were often used to make concoctions back in ancient times, for both stamina and desire.

Massages can achieve this as well, and here’s where aphrodisiac oils come into play, since they get along with massage, and are pretty much the way to go. You see, another form of stimulation is achieved through smells, and it has been scientifically proven to stimulate the brain depending on the type of smell.

It’s to no surprise, considering that we can get hungry real quick just by smelling delicious food, or smile when we smell something we recognize or like. It’s the same for oils, but they are able to achieve a more specific effect depending on the type of oil.

You can find variations made out of lavender, Sandalwood, Clary Sage, Carpolobia, and many others. You can check them over here

How it Works

You should perceive oils as mood setters instead of actual tools to improve sexual performance. And if you are really interested in improving the intimacy you share with your partner, you should understand how important mood is, along with foreplay and passion.

A great essential oil will stimulate both parties into a more relaxed, yet attentive state, and it will trigger your brain into understanding the situation you are in.

You are there for a single thing, and you know what it is, but sometimes, your body and brain don’t understand the situation at all, and won’t let you act properly. The sensual smell emanated by the essence will work as a lever, and will help you smooth things out.

Take things a little further and do a little research on how to perform a massage using essential oil. This will set an even better mood filled with sensuality and expectations, and you can check more information here in case you are interested.

A good saying I once heard is “men are like lightbulbs and women are like iron.” Just like a blacksmith works with the iron to create masterpieces, pleasing a woman requires more effort and time. You need to know what you are doing and take your time and understand that female heat levels can go far beyond males, like beautiful pieces of iron, and not simple light bulbs.

Take your time to learn with each session, and make sure to pay attention and understand your partner’s reactions. Every person is a universe, and everyone likes different things. It is your job to put that extra effort to understand your partner, and get the most out of your essential oil, and your massaging technique.

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