4 Things That You Need To Know About Fibreglass Flat Roof Construction

Flat roof construction is the new norm when building a house as compared to the traditional options. The reason is purely based on the quality of products being used in a flat roof construction compared to that of traditional ones. Furthermore, the sustainability of a flat roof is far better than that of a traditional roof due to the enhanced qualities of newer materials. For this reason, you need to be aware of all the advantages you will get when constructing a flat fiberglass roof for your house.


All You Need to Know

Flat Type Roofing can be made of various types depending on the climate of your area. For areas that do not have much rain throughout the year, you will need to use brickwork or cement to combat hot temperatures. On the contrary, areas ridden by rainfall generally witness the construction of flat roofing with the help of hot tar and a variety of water-resistant materials that can resist excess amounts of water.

Important Things You Need To Know About Fiberglass Flat Roof Construction

The Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) comprises polyester resin and strands of mat glass fibers which are used to form a laminate in the roofing structure. Here are a few important things you need to know about your chosen type.

  1. Advanced Weather Resistance

Due to the decreased number of seams and possible spaces for water leaks, fiberglass brings an advanced level of weather resistance to ensure your house remains free of any rainwater.

  1. Better Durability

In comparison to felt, GRP-based fiberglass brings more durability to the overall structure of the roof. This ensures that your roof doesn’t scratch or scuff easily in varying types of weather conditions.

  1. Costly But Better in Quality

Cost is a major factor for any homeowner when building a home. In comparison to other options, fibreglass flat roof construction can be costly due to the costly materials being involved in its construction. However, when viewing in the long run, these costs serve as money well spent when the homeowners witness little to no maintenance costs.


  1. Looks Better in Appearance as Compared to Counterparts

Although the traditional type also looks good after fresh installation, as time passes by, the quality deteriorates significantly. However, this is not the case with flat installations, as it retains its quality just by a simple cleaning method that involves a normal mop and a bucket of water.

Problems with Felt and Why Fiberglass is Better

Felt has been used as a roofing material for almost a century in the UK. Irrespective of the type of buildings, both domestic and business buildings have utilized felt and it has proven to be of great quality to withstand varying weather conditions.

However, with the introduction of fiberglass flat roofing, the maintenance costs and time of installation have decreased drastically. The factor of older felt roofing not responding well to different weathers and requiring regular maintenance have led to a decrease in its dominance.

Despite the availability of many other flat options, many customers still choose fiberglass to ensure that they get the best material. With the varying weather conditions, homeowners need to get fiberglass roofing to ensure both style and security for their homes.


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