How To Keep Your Car Safe When You’re On An Extended Vacation

Prior to going on an extended vacation, there are a few preparations that you must make. One of the few things you mustn’t forget about is finding a place to park your car that’s safe and secure. In this article, you’ll find tips on how to keep your car safe when you’re on an extended vacation.


Secure Your Car

Often when car security is mentioned, people tend to only consider locking their cars. Of course, locking your car is a very important part of keeping it secure, but there’s so much more you need to help keep it safe. People tend to just leave many of their stuff, like random paperwork, chargers, cash, or other random items, laying around in their cars or in the trunk of their cars. This puts these objects at the risk of being stolen. In addition to the previous risk, whenever there are random items, especially cash, lying around in a car, it puts the car at a higher risk of being stolen. To eliminate this risk, try to clean up your car before it is time to store it away. For additional safety, you can add a GPS tracker to your car to always be sure of its whereabouts and to be able to track it if it is ever stolen.

Pick a Storage Space

In order to keep your car safe, you must find somewhere safe and secure to store it. There are many places where you can keep your car for the duration of your extended vacation, but it is important to make sure that it is indeed a safe place. A very good option to try is a storage unit that is specifically designed to store boats, vehicles, and caravans. Search for storage that is safe and has more security features to hold your car for that period of time at a reasonable price. You can ask a friend or a family member to store your car at their house’s garage space or on their premises for that period of time. You can always use the airport’s long-term parking space, but it requires extra cash than a normal parking space or a storage unit.

Prepare Your Car For Storage

There are a few things that you must do to ensure that your car can be started after that long storage time. You should disconnect your battery to save yourself the trouble of having to buy a new one once you return. To further prepare your car, it is very important to top off your fluids to reduce the chances of extra moisture getting into your car’s parts and wrecking them. If you’re storing your car outside, make sure to cover it to protect it from dirt and debris.


It is always better to ask a friend or a relative that you trust to take your car for weekly rides. Driving for just a few blocks is enough, but it means that the car wouldn’t rest for too long which will protect it from wearing down from staying in place for too long. Wherever you store your car, make sure that there’s enough gas for you to drive it when you come back.

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