Addams Family: Mansion Mayhem by Outright Games


Family game night is about to get terrifyingly exciting with Addams Family Mansion Mayhem! Only you and your friends can help Wednesday, Pugsley, Gomez, and Morticia Addams save the Addams Family Mansion in this hilarious new 3D platforming adventure for up to four players.

Explore the mansion’s darkest depths and magical mysteries like never before, to discover secrets and save the legendary house. Use each iconic character’s special abilities, like Gomez’s Mazurka Saber or Wednesday’s pet octopus Socrates, to solve puzzles and find relics that reveal the mansion’s hair-raising history. Play with and against friends in competitive multiplayer minigames that will have you bumping and jumping over each other to win.

It’s hideous, it’s horrible, it’s home – so get together and save the Addams Family Mansion for a frighteningly good time!


Available now on Switch/Xbox/PS4/Steam for children ages 7+.

Features & details

  • JOIN THE FAMILY – Experience the kooky world of the Addams Family in an original story based on the hit animated movie!
  • SAVE THE MANSION – Piece together the horrifically exciting history of the Addams Family Mansion in a 3D platforming adventure!
  • COMPETITIVE MINIGAMES – Jump, bump and slash your way to victory!
  • SOLO OR TOGETHER – Explore the Addams Mansion alone, or with up to 4 players on the same screen!

This game will make a great gift this holiday season. In fact, this is one gift I am giving to my daughter and I KNOW she is going to LOVE it !!!

Find it at retailers such as Target, Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop and Amazon.

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Gift a Vilo Mesh Wi-Fi System This Holiday Season


Vilo is a new Mesh Wi-Fi System that is so easy to use anyone can set it up (not just the techies). A single unit covers up to 1,500 sq. ft. and connects up to 65 devices. The 3-pack covers up to 4,500 sq. ft. and connects up to 120 devices.  Each unit also has 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports for wired devices.

With the Vilo Mesh WiFi  System, you can say goodbye to dead zones and have strong and fast Wi-Fi in every corner of your home. With several routing devices wirelessly connected to each other, a mesh system broadcasts your Wi-Fi signal through multiple access points, eliminating any dead spots in your house and allowing you to roam free without ever having to connect to a different network.

Plus it comes with free features like Parental Controls, Guest Networks and more which can be managed in the Vilo app. They also offer phone and chat support for any questions you may have.


The Vilo Mesh WiFi  System will make a great gift this holiday season!!!


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Wondering Which Gift To Choose For Your Niece’s Baby Shower? Check This Amazing List

The baby shower is a celebration of your niece and her soon-to-be baby. It’s the perfect time to show her how much she means to you, so you need to get her something thoughtful and unique. You want it to be a gift that will stand out from all the other presents at the party, so there’s a lot of pressure.

Fortunately for you, below is an amazing list of creative gifts that she will love and make her baby shower perfect.


Soothe and Glow Seahorse

This is a life-size seahorse that glows in the dark, which will be an encouraging companion for your niece’s baby. This will also be a way of keeping your baby occupied in the early hours of darkness. Then he or she may need comfort and reassurance.

It also can be a nightlight, which is also another feature that could be found in the seahorse toy. The baby will love to cuddle it because it makes soothing sounds when squeezed.

Customized Mobile

This idea is perfect if you want to go with something sentimental. You can choose a mobile that will remind her of the child she’ll soon hold in her arms. It’s also ideal if you’re on a budget because there are many cheap options available online.

Some customizations that look lovely are mobile that features her favorite baby animal, like elephants or pandas; a musical mobile with the baby’s age on it (you can also pick a song); or a customized mobile printed with the baby’s name, weight, and date of birth.

Child-Sized Apron

You simply can’t go wrong with this choice. It’s a practical and adorable gift that your niece will get a lot of use out of, and it will remind her of you every time she cooks something for the baby.

This is simple to find in any store, but we recommend giving one with pretty colors and patterns so it looks special. As another bonus, you can print little pictures of those famous round-faced babies wearing aprons to make it even cuter.

Homemade Food Basket

If you’re looking for something that your niece can eat, then this is perfect. You don’t have to spend a lot of money either because all you need is some baskets, healthy food and fun decorations. For example, you could buy her an organic basket with delicious treats like fruit or chocolate; another option is an Asian-inspired lunch box with vegetables, tofu, and yummy sauces; you could also make your own basket (like the family recipe for brownies).

Picture Book

This is a thoughtful way to show her how much you care about her child’s future education. You can find books that are specifically about babies or children being born. You could also make your own with some great family photos of her, you, and the baby together.

Personalized options are always fun to receive, so looking online for customized books is a good place to start. You could also visit some retail stores to find lovely ones that the baby would learn from.

Unique Artwork

If you’re artistic, then this is an ideal way to show it off! Find out what kind of work your niece likes and then create something that reflects her taste.

For example, if she loves watercolors, then paint a lovely (and original) picture of the baby’s first moments; on the other hand, if she prefers abstract art, then make a collage with photos of the two of you when you were young.


Child-proofing Kit

If your niece is planning on doing a lot of renovating around the house, then this is a great idea for a present. This is especially thoughtful if you picked up some safety tips in your own life and know what kind of products she needs to check out. You can make things extra special by including candy inside the box, but always make sure that any packaging is baby safe.

Kiddie Couch

If you want your gift to be something that everyone at the party will love, then this is an excellent choice. You can create an extra cute dollhouse-like couch by using a big cardboard box and wrapping it up with fabric or recycled posters. Then decorate it with ribbons, bows, and other craft supplies. As an extra bonus, your niece can use this as a play area for her child once you’re gone.

Family Tree

Going even further back into history, this is another great choice if you want something that will be treasured forever. It will show how you are related to each other, what your first names are, and which member of the family is most important to you. You can even base it off, famous ancestors.

Soft Stuffed Animal

If you’re looking for something that’s simply cute, then this is a really good choice. We all have those plush toys from our childhood that we keep forever and you can recreate that for your niece. This can be a toy that she will treasure as much as you do! And the best part, it will always be something special to share between cousins (even as they get older).

Your niece is probably a beautiful young girl whom you love dearly. With one of these gifts listed above, you can shower her some love.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Looking for a spectacular gift for Fathers Day? Check out all the ideas below


The 10 to 40 LB Adjustable Kettlebell from Kettlebell Kings is the most versatile kettlebell. You can easily perform high rep or low rep workouts of the same movement by simply adjusting the weighted plates with the slide of the lever.



Nextbase Dash Cam 612GW with Built-in Wi-Fi is the top-of-the-range model and is the first of its kind to offer Ultra HD 4k resolution, resulting in the best quality Dash Cam footage that you’ll find anywhere on the market.


gofish cam

GoFish Cam is a wireless underwater camera that sits on your fishing line and works with a mobile app. Anglers can capture action-packed footage, gain insight into the underwater fishing experience, and review and share awesome video content on social media.



The Ravensburger Porsche 911 3D Puzzle is the perfect miniature, with elegant lines and a classically white design appealing to any racing enthusiast. The 108 sturdy plastic puzzle pieces are individually shaped, partly bendable and fit perfectly together with Easyclick technology – no need for glue!



The Nomad Base Station Hub integrates a sleek, modern design with a highly functional charging hub. With 3 high-power charging coils, Base Station Hub can charge 1 or 2 phones wirelessly. There are also two out ports: one USB-A and one USB-C PD with an 18 W output capacity.



If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a poker nut, you can put your money on this one. The Stuck in Glass Up The Ante Whiskey Glass is a surefire crowd pleaser around the card table. It is made with an authentic Casino Chip and accommodates a 10 OZ pour.



Give dad a gift he will really love this Father’s Day... Popcornopolis. The Father's Day 3.5-Gallon Popcorn Tin is a perfect combination of Kettle Corn, Caramel Corn and Cheddar Cheese Popcorn all made fresh using only the finest ingredients and no preservatives. It is also Certified gluten free.



As a general rule of thumb, you should always make sure your beverage stays as fresh as your fandom. That's not something you'll have to worry about as long as your beverage is in this Dallas Cowboys Insulated Zippered Bottle Holder.



Get dad a new Kinzd wallet this Father's Day. Choose from slim, bi-fold, tri-fold, money clips, card cases, metal wallets and more. You can even personalize them for a more special gift.



There are two things you never show up to a tailgate without: your team spirit, and the drinks. This Dallas Cowboys Big Logo Stripe 6 Pack Cooler has you covered for both. Big enough to store a 6-pack of awesomeness.



The Yard-X 5-in-1 Garden Multi-Tool from The Grommet tackles essential landscaping jobs. An adjustable, 180-degree rotating aluminum hinge lets you access the tool’s different functions: Hoe and slice, rake and smooth, scrape and cut, edge and chop, and aerate and loosen.



People will tell you sports are games of inches. Well, we say fandom is a game of feet. And with these Dallas Cowboys Legacy Velcro Sport Slides, your feet will be the undefeated, undisputed champs of that game.



For the dad who loves to grill and/or camp, the Electro-Torch is the perfect Father's Day gift. It allows you to easily light your charcoal barbecue, wood burning fireplace, campfire or fire pit without using matches or starter fluids. It uses nothing but 1500 degree temperature hot air to ignite your wood or charcoal.



The Fishing Caddy, the world’s first all-in-one fishing system, helps anglers simplify, organize, and enjoy fishing. Features include two rod holders, a cup holder, live well for storing fish, tackle box, and a padded seat option.



Lugz footwear has been an innovator in the footwear market from its signature styles, to creating trendsetting styles beyond boots and has added casual shoes and athletics to the mix for the Lugz men, Lugz women and Lugz kids lines. This holiday season treat your loved one to a new pair of Lugz.



CasusGrill is the world's best portable, instant, disposable, sustainable grill. It is made with 100% all natural materials and there is no need to use lighter fluid. It burns clean with little smoke for approximately 60 minutes. It is the perfect gift for the outdoor dad !!!



Treat dad to the gift of a classic American 7&7 cocktail made with Seagram’s 7 Crown. With a rich history and legacy of bringing people together, Seagram’s 7 Crown is an easy-to-drink sipper that has stood the test of time.



Rocking sunglasses is cool. Showing off your elite fandom is also cool. We're not mathematicians, but we're pretty that makes rocking these Dallas Cowboys Athletic Wrap Sunglasses cool squared.



Axe, the #1 men's fragrance brand in the world introduces "Ice Chill". Now you can be hotter when you are chill. Products include body spray and antiperspirant, 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner, body wash and pocket spray.



Salonpas carries a huge selection of topical analgesics which is a great first line treatment for pain. Perfect for the hardworking dad in your life. Salonpas is sold at all major retailers and drugstore nationwide.



CleverMade’s new Cardiff BackPack Cooler is the perfect Father's Day gift for the outdoorsy dad! This stylish insulated leak proof backpack cooler holds 24 cans plus ice, making it perfect for a day at the beach, hiking or picnicking.



Johnny B's "Easy Does It" is a Men's Grooming Kit for your face and hair. Keep it simple with All Over, as a two-in-one, shampoo and body wash while using Condition to combat dryness, offers hydration and adds thickness. Control is a versatile, hydrating gel that gives volume to all hair types - especially fine hair, while Shave Cream soothes razor bumps and or burns. Ending it with Balm to calm and conditions your skin.



Yerba Organics Relax Capsules - Experience the benefits of CBD with our no THC, non-GMO, gluten-free Full Spectrum Capsules with naturally present phytocannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC, and over 40 terpenes. Made from organically grown, pharmaceutical grade hemp.


Randy Jackson RJ X130 offers a wide range of quality, low price eyewear for all ages. Our US based lab and warehouse allow for fast shipments for all purchases. They offer high quality lenses with all of our frames including options for Transitions and prescription sunglasses.



Receptra Naturals is a leading hemp CBD extracts company serving the health and wellness, active lifestyle, and pet communities. At Receptra, they believe that their full-spectrum hemp CBD products can change lives and they are committed to changing as many lives as they possibly can.


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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Looking for a fabulous gift for Mothers Day? Check out all the ideas below

Crock-Pot 4-Quart Express Crock Multi-Cooker

The Crock-Pot 4-Quart Express Crock Multi-Cooker lets you cook up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods, now in a compact size, perfect for serving four or more people. You can choose to eat sooner, or you can use the slow cook setting to come back later to a delicious, hot meal. You can also steam, brown, sauté, simmer, boil, or use the Manual Pressure setting



The Oster DuraCeramic Air Fryer creates healthier versions of your favorite fried foods. It rotates to cook food crisply and evenly with just a tablespoon of oil. The DuraCeramic coating cooks 30% faster and is 8 times more durable than regular nonstick.



Astarella® Primetime Skin Cream is the first natural skin cream to combine antioxidant-rich astaxanthin and Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), two skin-supportive nutrients that can boost the health of skin cells and encourage a youthful, dewy and smooth complexion.



The CleverMade Wine Cooler is perfect for all of the wine loving mamas! With a removable ice pack, and wine opener, this makes the perfect Mother's Day gift! It holds up to 6 bottles of wine and is leakproof.



Hard Candy Cosmetics, your favorite nostalgic 90’s make-up brand, launched its Spring Collection including the Glitter & Chrome Eyeshadow Duo, Matte Velvet Lip color and Liner, Sheer Body Luminizer and Powder. The affordable price point and quality in product has made Hard Candy a favorite for generations!



For the wine loving mom, Stuck in Glass has a really fun wine glass with a cork "stuck" inside it. The Uncorked Wine Glass is made with a genuine wine cork and accommodates a 15 oz pour. Whether she likes a full-bodied red or a light, crisp white, she is sure to love this unique wine glass.



The Women’s Lugz Dot.Com 2.0 Oxford Sneaker is a retro inspired take on our classic from the 90’s. Taking cues from both athletics and boots, this chunky-soled sneaker is sure to take your look to the next level. A style you can make your own day or night.



There are so many necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings in the ELLE Jewelry collections that you are sure to find the perfect gift for every woman on your list. Each piece is rendered in sterling silver plated with rhodium or gold so they will never tarnish. In addition, carefully selected semi-precious jewels and stones along with the finest quality crystals and cubic zirconia are used in the creation of each piece.



Help mom get moving with Marika! Designed for women by women, Marika understands that busy moms need clothing that moves with them! Moms can now look stylish picking up kids from school, grabbing lunch, or even hitting the gym!



The myCharge HUBPLUS Portable Charger is the quintessential powerbank. With an integrated Apple® Lightning™ cable and an integrated micro-USB cable and the newly added USB port, staying charged on the go has never been easier. Boasting a 30% reduction in size, the HubPlus is more compact and portable than ever before.



The new Power Smokeless Grill allows you to grill your favorite foods to perfection year-round! You won’t have to worry about the smoke alarm going off either since the product’s built-in smoke extracting fan virtually reduces all hot, smoky air. With its accessories, the Power Smokeless Grill can instantly become a griddle as well – perfect for breakfast!



The Sharpal 12-inch Ceramic Knife Sharpening rod is made of high grade 1200 grit ceramic, a material close in hardness to diamond, so, ceramic is wear resistant, light in weight and will never rust. It hones and realigns your knife edge quickly and easily.



Best Face Oil: A lightweight, fast-absorbing facial oil that gives your skin the hydration boost it needs while helping to restore a more youthful appearance. Key ingredients: Buriti Oil, Alpine Rose Stem Cell and a unique blend of safflower, coconut, argan and jojoba oils.



Full of Grit: Deep cleansing and exfoliating oatmeal body scrub. Gently rubs away dead skin cells to help smooth and moisturize skin. Protects and sooths dull, rough skin. Key ingredients: Aloe Vera and Jojoba.



Face Latte: Anti-aging serum uses apple and echinacea stem cells to help minimize the appearance of wrinkles and revitalizes the skin. Reduces environmental and sun stresses on the skin, helps promote collagen production and reduces redness. Key ingredients: Green Tea and Lavender Extract.


busy girl bracelet

Go Girl Busy Girl Bangles are a deliciously sleek and sexy fit for any time of year. Each bracelet comes with 3 black hair elastics (one elastic fits around the bangles center. Available in 3 metal tones: silver, gold or rose gold.



The Lullabuddy is the PERFECT gift for new moms or moms-to-be. It is pre-loaded with 2 hours of Mae Robertson’s award winning lullabies and lovesongs and plays for up to 18 hours when fully charged. It is also bluetooth enabled, has a 60 minute timer and has a shuffle setting.



The Motif Duo breast pump - Less than half a pound, this quiet device fits in one hand and discreetly slips into any bag. Whether you’re traveling, working, or just multitasking, the Duo is convenient, rechargeable, and lasts 2.5 hours. Customize your experience with a single or double pumping option.



The FABRIQ Chorus is a bluetooth/wireless smartspeaker that is the #1 Amazon Echo alternative. It is customizable with different patterns on the outside so you can handpick for her based on her personality. It’s the perfect gift for moms!



The 10 to 40 LB adjustable Kettlebell from Kettlebell Kings is the most versatile kettlebell. You can easily perform high rep or low rep workouts of the same movement by simply adjusting the weighted plates with the slide of the lever.



Craft gorgeous works of art from strips of rolled paper! Paper Monograms provides step-by-step instructions to form every letter of the alphabet, along with the most popular quilled shapes, following the designs of prominent quilling artists. The kit comes complete with a rolling tool, ready-to-go paper strips in multiple colors, and a thorough guidebook.



Known as the greenest and most versatile firelogs on the market, Enviro-Log Firelogs are the ultimate firewood substitute. They are quick and easy to light and don’t need a firestarter. Enviro-Log Firelogs are made from 100 percent recycled waxed cardboard. Enviro-Logs are the perfect gift for moms that enjoy a cozy fire in the fire pit or fireplace.



The Solo Vestry Laptop Bucket Tote features a padded compartment that protects laptops up to 15.6” and has a dedicated interior pocket for iPads or tablets. The front zip-down organizer section makes it easy to stay organized on the go and the removable/adjustable shoulder strap gives you options on how to carry.



Nomad Wireless + 4 Ports Hub is a sophisticated wireless charger with a multi-port USB charging hub underneath. Capable of charging up to 5 devices at once. Discreetly hidden under its matte rubber top, Hub’s backside houses four high-powered USB ports and a cable routing passage for clean cable management.


WESTEND VICTORIAN VILLAGE offers a wide range of quality, low price eyewear for all ages. Our US based lab and warehouse allow for fast shipments for all purchases. They offer high quality lenses with all of our frames including options for Transitions and prescription sunglasses.



Craving lash versatility? The GladGirl False Lashes are just the answer. Our high-quality, yet affordable false eyelashes are designed to be applied with ease and come in a kit complete with applicator and glue. Offered in a range of fab looks to match any mood.


KOZO by Winning Moves

KOZO by Winning Moves is a three dimensional wooden stacking game that can be played by two players or teams, in head to head battle. Whether you play competitively or cooperatively, Kozo requires strategic play and nimble touch.


Stainless Steel Straws

Wowe Lifestyle Stainless Steel Straws are made of food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, are dishwasher safe and will not rust. Each set of straws come with a straw cleaner made from metal and cotton. These straws are made to last a lifetime and help reduce waste.


Paper Garden Bonsai

Paper Garden Bonsai - Create four paper models while learning about the history and tradition of bonsai. The fully-illustrated instruction book guides you through the construction of each bonsai model—one for each of the four seasons. The models are fully illustrated, laser cut, heavy duty card stock.



PyroPet Animal Skeleton Candles - This animal skeleton candle turns an otherwise modern-looking piece of decor into something a little bit wicked. Inside each creature hides a metal skeleton that is revealed when the wax melts. Unexpected and impossible to ignore.


Bestie Brands Hands-Free Blow Dryer Holder

Hands-free drying thanks to the Bestie Brands Hands-Free Blow Dryer Holder. It securely grips a standard-size blow dryer so you can use your hands to style and it’s a helpful tool for folks with dexterity issues. Adjust to get the just-right angle while you’re doing your ‘do and when the styling session is over, the dryer can live in the mount, freeing up counter and drawer space.



Ellie - With prices starting at just $40/month for a quality and stylish 3 piece workout outfit, this subscription service is the perfect Mothers Day gift. Outfits include a legging, sports bra and seasonal tops ranging from tanks, tees, hoodies and lightweight jackets. For an additional $10, select the 5-piece option and get two fun fitness accessories too!



Yerba Organics provides state of the art cannabidiol (CBD) infused products to aid in the holistic healing of the inner and outer self. The Relief Salve contains over 40 natural cannabinoid compounds designed to provide maximum absorption and optimum bioavailability. CBD is commonly used for chronic pain, inflammation, stress, depression, nausea and much more.



Pass the Big Pigs by Winning Moves is a larger version of the classic game. Roll both pigs as many times as you dare, scoring for each pose that they land in. Trotters! Razorbacks! Sliders! Snouters!. Even, the tricky and rare Leaning Jowler! You roll them, you score! But, if you get too piggish, you run the risk of rolling the pig-dastardly Oinker and having your score wiped out!



American Rhino Kikoy Scarf - A traditional garment native to Kenya, these cotton sarongs are versatile and vibrant. Whether used as a scarf, or a shawl, it's a strong stand-out wherever you go. Connect with the culture rhinos live in with this East African cotton. Plus every purchase gives 10% to the American Rhino Foundation.



Let Exergen care for your family by eliminating the stress out of taking temperatures. The Exergen Smart Glow TemporalScanner has four new ways to make it even easier to take a temperature. It is the number one preferred thermometer by both nurses and pediatricians.


The Solo New York Varsity Collection fuses a retro collegiate sports vibe with a modern, clean design that easily transitions from workout to hanging out. Each ultra-lightweight bag is constructed with smooth nylon fabric for all-day, everyday use.



StansOut Beauty's Makeup Blending Sponge is a makeup sponge designed to give a seamless, airbrushed finish to your complexion. The shape of the sponge was crafted to expertly apply your makeup to every crevice and surface of your face. Enjoy the rounded, triangular and flat sides of this sponge.


lilac hill

Lilac Hill Designs has the perfect gift for your favorite gardener or bird-lover. Show them how you care with these sweet birdseed hearts, ornaments and wreaths packaged perfectly They are strung with either ribbons or twine and then packaged in a bakery box with a window. They come in sets of 3 or 4 to a box.


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