6 Affordable and Meaningful Gifts For the Holidays


With Christmas and other holidays coming soon, it is important to keep in mind what the season of giving is all about.

When you’re shopping for Christmas gifts it can be tempting to spring for expensive goodies that you think will impress. In reality, there are many gifts that will show you care about someone without forcing you to break the bank.

Here are six meaningful and affordable gifts that will come in handy this holiday season.

1. Mugs

For those of you with coffee lovers in your list of friends and family, these special novelty mugs are the answer to your Christmas prayers. Anyone that enjoys coffee or tea will welcome a new mug with open arms.

They come in a variety of customizable styles and patterns, including the option to choose your loved one’s favorite furry friend and put their name on the mug they’ll use every day.
Best of all, these mugs are incredibly affordable, so you can get them for a few of the people on your shopping list.

2. Adult Coloring Book and Colored Pencils

You don’t have to go all out buying paints and charcoals for your artsy friend, because those kinds of art supplies can get expensive.

Instead, get them an adult coloring book with tons of challenging patterns and a pack of colored pencils.

Any art lover would be delighted with this gift, and even those that aren’t great at drawing or painting can find peace and relaxation in this activity. There’s no pressure to paint a masterpiece!

3. Personalized Ornament

Another great gift idea that is sentimental and affordable is a personalized tree ornament.

Whether you decorate it yourself or have a family photo put into it, your loved ones are bound to love this gift. They will get to look at every year while they’re putting up the tree.

4. Photo Album

One of the best and most fun gifts to make for your loved ones is a photo album.

Create a personalized collage of all of the best times that you’ve had together so that you can look back on it for years to come.
This gift is especially cheap if you can find a good album on sale. You can either print the photos out at home or use a popular photo service like Walgreens, CVS, or Walmart.

5. Creative and Fun Doormat

One of the best gifts, especially for loved ones who have recently become homeowners, is a personalized and creative doormat.

They are sure to love this thoughtful gift whether you have a funny saying put on it or simply put their last name. These mats don’t usually run at expensive costs, but keep in mind that the personalized options for doormats will be more expensive than normal mats.

6. Customizable T-Shirt

You’ve probably noticed a trend by now that pretty much anything that’s customizable is the perfect gift for someone you love, and T-shirts are no exception.

Find a graphic tee that your loved one will want to wear every day or give them your own creation.

Bonus tip for pet owners: get them a shirt with their furry friend’s face on it. They’ll love that they can take their best friend everywhere that they go – and they get to show off their cute pet too!

Bottom Line

The holiday season can seem like an endless time period of spending money on gifts for your family and friends. However, gift shopping doesn’t have to be a relentless item on your to-do list. Trust a few websites that specialize in customizable gifts, and throw yourself into making a personalized design for your loved one. There are tons of affordable, yet meaningful, options for gifts that anybody will love!

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Professor Puzzle has the Best Games and Puzzles for Gifting


Professor Puzzle is the world’s most innovative designer and manufacturer of games and puzzles.

Some of the puzzles include:

The Boredom Box: This box is bursting with enough fun and games to keep you entertained for days! Jam-packed with classic games, brain training puzzles, and traditional favorites, just lift the lid and let the fun explode! At a loose end? In need of distraction? This box is bursting with enough fun and games to keep you entertained for days! Jam-packed with classic games, brain training puzzles, and traditional favorites, just lift the lid and let the fun explode!Featuring over 200 challenges to keep everyone entertained.

Puzzle & Perplex: Can you take apart the pieces of each one of these puzzles and put them back together again? Made of solid steel, this set of 10 puzzles is guaranteed to get you flexing your cognitive muscles. Compete with friends and family as you test your brainpower trying to separate and reattach the parts of each puzzle.

Think Outside the Box: Can you get your head around this beautifully finished wooden brain-teaser? The challenge is to find the way to open this mysterious wooden trick box … it’s definitely not as easy as it looks!

The Case of the Priceless Coin: Navigate your way through the rooms, hallways, and hidden passages of 221B Baker Street to make your escape through the rear window. Holmes is suddenly alert to being followed and concludes that one of Moriarty’s henchmen has been sent to obtain the coin. If he can lure the villain back to 221B Baker Street, he can lead him through a game of cat and mouse before escaping and alerting Scotland Yard to arrest his trapped pursuer.

The Challenge Trilogy: Use your powers of deduction and reasoning with this compendium of three different mystery games. Featuring over 150 riddles, puzzles, and enigmas, this collection of games and quizzes will put your brain under closer scrutiny than a magnifying glass!

Buzzer Battle: From tricky tests of trivia to laugh out loud party games, you’ll need your fingers at the ready as you go head-to-head against friends and family. Get prepared for some epic battles, where the main focus is always to hit that buzzer loudly and proudly!

I Moustache You a Question: Prepare for the ultimate facial hair face-off with this fan-tache-tic trivia game! Pop on a pair of ‘tache specs and answer trivia questions in a battle to win extra pieces, grow the longest moustache and win the title of Handlebar Hero! With 600 questions, split evenly between kids and adults this game is perfect entertainment for the whole family.

TYLE: Go head to head in this colourful lateral thinking game! Players each start in a different corner of the grid. Then they battle it out to be the first to move all the way to the opposite corner by rotating, flipping and sliding tyles to create a path to victory. Don’t just focus on creating your own path though – enjoy sabotaging your opponents along the way!

Lock Puzzle: Albert Einstein’s brain was the key to unlocking some of the world’s greatest mysteries. From electromagnets to GPS technology and satellites, Einstein’s theories paved the way for countless scientific developments and revolutionary inventions. Put your own brainpower to the test as you attempt to open the lock.

Mixed Messages: Contains a trilogy of quiz games. The case of the cryptic clue, a testing game of deduction. The case of the curious conundrums, a tricky test of lateral thinking. The case of the double agent, a curious game of disguise. Test & develop your powers of deduction, lateral thinking and problem solving skills.

Escape from the Grand Hotel: Invite your guests, set your scene and get ready to host a night of fun and intrigue. Each guest can come dressed as one of the eight characters, ready to play their role. During the evening, they must travel through the hotel solving the series of mysterious puzzles that release them from each room. The ultimate quest? To uncover the dark, hidden secret of The Grand Hotel.

Head over to the Professor Puzzle page on Amazon to check out these selections and more !

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Calico Critters Expands Their Village Collection


This season, Calico Critters is expanding their Village collection with new homes to collect and connect. The Sweet Raspberry Home is the newest addition to the Village which perfectly matches the detail and design of the Red Roof Country Home Gift Set and the Red Roof Cozy Cottage. Together they make an amazing gift for any child this holiday season !

calico-critters-gift-setRed Roof Country Home Gift Set – With four rooms, a terrace, staircase and lights, Critter families can enjoy the beauty of the village in the comfort of their home.  Children can create various layouts in a 90˚angle, 180˚angle or closed setting. It includes detailed furniture, accessories and lights, as well as Heidi & Bell Hopscotch Rabbits.  Connect the Country Home to the Sweet Raspberry Home and Cozy Cottage for an even grander household.

calico-critter-cozyRed Roof Cozy Cottage – The perfect starter home for children to build their world of imagination.  Bell Hopscotch is ready to play house in her quaint home, furnished with a bed, kitchen sink, stove/oven, food, tables, chairs and more!

calico-critter-raspberrySweet Raspberry Home – Kids will enjoy the outdoors with the Hopscotch Rabbit family in the comfort of their home porch. The home comes furnished with baby furniture and Nursery Series Grace Hopscotch Rabbit who’s ready to play.

The Baby Blind Bags Series are the perfect stocking stuffers for the holidays allowing that extra element of surprise.  Hidden in each bag is a new Baby Critter that children can add to their nursery collection. They won’t know which critter is inside until they open the bag.  Choose from Baby Party Series, Baby Shopping Series and Baby Band Series.

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Great Kids Books for the Holidays from Simon & Schuster


Simon and Schuster has some great kids books to pick up for the holidays.  Some are perfect to read heading into the holidays and some are great to give as gifts.


  • Christmas Puppy – A joyous puppy with a very twitchy tail is looking for the perfect holiday present in this rebarkable Christmas novelty book from award-winning creator Salina Yoon.
  • Itsy Bitsy Angel – A joyous Christmas nativity twist on the popular nursery rhyme “The Itsy Bitsy Spider!”
  • Snowman’s Magic Hat – Little ones will love lifting the flaps after saying each magic word to see if the spell worked. From a handful of carrots to three pieces of coal, the magic trick goes on until…Blizzard, lizard, wizard, whoa, we meet a person made of snow!
  • Very Merry Day in the Neighborhood – Join Daniel Tiger for a winter celebration in the neighborhood as he and his family, friends, and neighbors come together for a festive potluck, gift-giving, and more! This sweet board book is filled with tons of holiday spirit and is a perfect stocking stuffer!
  • Snoopy’s Snow Day – Join Snoopy and the Peanuts gang for a day of playing in the snow in this adorable shaped board book with foil on the cover!
  • Silly Lullaby – What’s the best way to say good night? With a silly lullaby from the beloved and bestselling Sandra Boynton.
  • Oscar the Octopus – From #1 New York Times bestselling novelty creator Matthew Van Fleet comes an exciting book that teaches little ones the months of the year!


  • Santa Mouse – In this charming holiday story, meet a tiny mouse with no name who is blessed with a large imagination and a generous spirit. He lives a very lonely life in a very big house. Yet he dearly loves Christmas and one Christmas Eve he surprises Santa Claus with a most unusual present. How does this small mouse with a big heart become Santa’s special helper?
  • Marion and the Girls Getaway – Marion plans a perfect girls weekend for her friends—with a surprise appearance from a snow bunny!—in the twentieth book of the Critter Club series.
  • Angelina Ballerina – In an encore performance, Angelina Ballerina returns in this refreshed picture book from acclaimed author Katharine Holabird and celebrated artist Helen Craig!
  • Kitten Lady Big Book of Kittens – From kitten rescuer and humane educator Hannah Shaw, also known as Kitten Lady on YouTube and Instagram, comes an inspiring picture book that takes readers on the adorable journey of foster kittens from their first days after birth all the way to adoption!
  • Spencer’s New Pet – When Spencer gets a new pet, he’s excited to do all the things that pets do—taking walks in the park, going to the vet, and attending parties together. There’s just one hitch: Spencer’s new pet is a balloon.
  • Roly Poly – Roly Poly the polar bear gets a little brother he did not ask for, in this charming story about sibling rivalry and the bonds of family

You can pick up these books and more at your local bookstore, Amazon.com or directly from SimonandSchuster.com

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Get Your Ugly Christmas Sweaters at TV Store Online

Disclosure: I was given the Jack Skellington sweater featured to facilitate my post. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.

Ugly Christmas Sweater holiday parties are so popular these days and its about time to start planning for what you will wear when you get invited to one this year.  TVStoreOnline has a great selection of sweaters, cardigans, sweater vests, jackets and leggins to make shopping easier.


I absolutely LOVE the movie Nightmare Before Christmas so I picked out the Jack Skellington sweater.  It may be under the heading “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” but I don’t think its ugly at all !  I asked my daughter Kaley to do a picture and then somehow she ended up claiming the sweater for herself… why does that always happen to me ? LOL

UCS-festivusFor the Seinfeld fans, they have this awesome “Festivus for the Rest of Us” sweater.


Another one I really liked was the “Fragile” leg lamp from The Christmas Story.  It is sure to get you lots of compliments !


If you want to get lots of attention and be the talk of the party, you can always get this Sequin Gingerbread Blazer/Jacket.  It is sure to win the ugly Christmas attire contest.

No matter what your style is, you are sure to find an outfit that matches your uniqueness at TVStoreOnline !

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