Walgreens Register Rewards Q&A

If you are new to shopping at Walgreen’s, you will want to read this post because their Register Reward program can be a bit confusing to beginning shoppers! (FYI, in my blog posts I will use RR to mean Register Reward)

What is a Register Reward? It is a coupon that will print from a catalina machine after you make a purchase of an item that has an attached register reward deal with it. You will be able to use this coupon on almost any purchase in the store (with some exclusions like gift cards, alcohol, cigarettes, phone cards, stamps, etc).

How will I know if an item should print a RR? There are weekly Register Rewards deals and monthly Register Rewards deals. The weekly deals are advertised in the weekly store ad which you can find in the store. The monthly deals are SUPPOSED to be posted on shelf tags throughout the store. However, many stores do not put the tags up so you will want to check either my site or forums like weusecoupons to find a list of monthly Register Reward deals.

Can I use a manuf coupon on an item and still get the Regsiter Reward to print? Yes, the coupon should not affect whether the Register Reward prints or not (even though many cashiers and managers will tell you otherwise). There have been 2 situtations in the past where the manuf coupon was coded exactly like the Register Reward and it DID keep it from printing but that is VERY rare.

Can I use a Register Reward to pay for an item that will print a Register Reward? Yes as long as it isn’t for the same promotion as the Register Reward you are paying with. For example, you can not buy a Bayer Monitor and use a Register Reward that you got from purchasing a Bayer Monitor. The new Register Reward will not print if you use one to pay. However, you can use a Bayer Register Reward to help pay for a Schick Razor and get a Register Reward back.

Can I use a Register Reward for $3 to pay for a $2.99 item? No, the register will beep because the subtotal must be at least the amount of the Register Reward you are paying with. You will need to buy another item of at least 1 cents to get your subtotal over $3.

Can I buy one item and use a manuf coupon and a Register Reward to pay for it? No, a Register Reward is considered a manuf coupon and you must have at least the number of items as manuf coupons when you pay. This is when you will need to buy a “filler item” so that you have 2 items and 2 coupons.

Can I buy one item and use a store coupon and a Register Reward? Yes, store coupons do not count as a “coupon” when you are figuring out your item to coupon count ratio.

Will Walgreen’s accept expired Register Rewards? It is their policy to not accept ANY expired coupons. However, you may find a store that will allow it but ask first.

What should I do if my Register Reward doesn’t print? There are 5 things you can do:
1) Ask the cashier to call a manager and have them re-ring the transaction on another register. Most likely the machine isn’t working
2) Have the manager “post void” the transaction (which basically means return the items)
3) Ask for the form to send in your receipt to the catalina company (you will get the Register Reward back like a rebate — I DO NOT SUGGEST THIS)
4) Call the catalina company ( 1-888-8coupon, option 3 ) and have them mail you the Register Rewards. You will need your receipt for info to give to the company
5) Use the online form found HERE to request for the company to mail you the Register Rewards

Other Walgreen’s coupon Q&As;:

Can I use a $2 manuf coupon on an item that only costs $1.99? This will vary from store to store. The register is going to beep and not allow it. There are 3 options when this happens. The cashier can either manually enter a $2 coupon and give you the overage, the cashier can manually enter a $1.99 coupon to adjust it down to the cost of the item or the cashier can price adjust the item up to the coupon amount.

Is there a certain order I should hand over my coupons? Sometimes. There are 3 situations that I will discuss:

1) “I am going to use a manuf coupon and a store weekly ad coupon and not get any overage”… it will not matter what order you hand the coupons over

2) “I am going to use a manuf coupon and a store weekly ad coupon and get some overage”… you will need to hand over the manuf coupon first and make sure you have something to cover the overage

3) “I am going to use a manuf coupon and a store coupon from the monthly booklet or Diabetes magazine”… these coupons are different than the weekly ad store coupons. They do say manuf coupons on them but are coded like a store coupon. However if you use them before a manuf coupon, the register will think you have already used a manuf coupon on the item and beep. So it is necessary to hand the manuf coupon over before the store coupon no matter if you are getting overage or not.


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