Bee K’onscious Artisanal Honey

Bee K’onscious Artisanal Honey

Bee K’onscious Artisanal Honey is now offering its nutritious raw honey online at  Each jar of Bee K’onscious’s single-origin honey is sourced from the finest beekeepers around the world, with a QR-coded label that allows customers to scan and trace the honey to the single beekeeper who produced it. The “hive to home” honey brand has partnered with TagOne, a provider of blockchain technology, to provide customers the ability to ensure the source of the jar is producing 100% pure, unfiltered, unpasteurized, non-blended honey.

Bee K’onscious currently offers four varietals: Brazilian Cipo Uva, Brazilian Marmeleiro Prateado, Montana Clover and a much sought-after California Sage. The selection of unique honeys will continue to expand as the Bee K’onscious team continues to search the globe for beekeepers that have integrated best practices.  Bee K’onscious Artisanal Honey retails for $18 per jar.

Bee K’onscious only partners with beekeepers that maintain ethical and sustainable beekeeping practices. The company is also committed to packaging their honey in glass jars and shipping to customers using only recyclable, corrugated packaging.


I was given the opportunity to try the Bee K’onscious Montana Clover Raw Honey and honestly it was the best honey I have ever had.  I loved the taste and texture.  It was great spread on toast for a sweet snack that was better for me than a cookie or other sugary treat.  Highly recommend !!!

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How to Help Your Dog With Fireworks Anxiety

How to Help Your Dog With Fireworks Anxiety


They say that “A dog is a man’s best friend,” but what happens when your pet behaves unusually? What are you going to do? Most dog lovers or owners are compassionate when it comes to their dog’s feelings. They can quickly determine whether their pet is feeling happy or down, especially if he or she is sick. If there’s anyone who knows a dog’s behavior or attitude, it is his or her owner.

Let us say that your dog is feeling down lately, and you noticed that it started when you had celebrated a special occasion. You are trying to figure out what could have been the problem, but you are unsure what started it exactly. If you just finished celebrating New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve, or other occasions, you might consider things that were present at that time. So, what could it be that could make your dog uncomfortable?

Independence Day, the grand 4th of July, is coming. One culprit that you might not know that could trigger your dog’s anxiety is fireworks. Well, aside from the bright and colorful displays you see in the sky, it could also bring a threat to your dog. How and why? You will get to know more about it in this article.

3 Reasons Why Fireworks Cause Anxiety to Dogs

1. It comes with a loud “Boom!” or sound.

Do you know that dogs have a more sensitive hearing than humans? They can hear sounds of 50,000 vibrations in a second. It is the reason why hearing fireworks to them has a much brighter reception causing them to respond defensively. Some dogs have violent reactions like destroying leash or things and running away.

2. It threatens your pet.

If your dog experienced traumatic events in life like being abused or getting into an accident, it could also pose a threat to him or her. The feeling that they get from the sound of the fireworks causes them to run or panic. It has the same effect on them regarding the bad life situations they were in before. Click here to know more about it.

3. It is unpredictable.

It is something that happens twice or thrice a year but not every day. Animals tend to get more scared because of this. They are not used to the noise, and it is so much for them to handle. It is why many animals hurt themselves whenever they hear fireworks.

Now that you know why your dog could be anxious because of fireworks let us enumerate how you can prevent it from happening.


How to Prevent Your Dog’s Anxiety in Fireworks:

1. Use pheromones or supplement.

Some dog owners buy pheromones. These are substances that animals produce, which can cause a change in behavior. While others try natural supplements that are also effective in removing anxiety in animals, please check my reference to know more about it. You can also check out other resources for more information.

2. Train your pet.

There are dog owners who go for training. They believe that they can prevent the anxiety if they teach their pets how to act on it. Here, pet owners link the fireworks events to a happy memory or situation. It reduces the occurrence of the dog’s violent reaction to it.

3. Use a white noise-canceling machine.

Just like in humans, the white noise canceling machine is also useful when animals use it. It blocks other sounds from the environment by producing other noises that are pleasant to the ears of your pet. It gives relaxation to your pet, and it gives them more time to rest. You can find white noise-canceling machines in the market or online.

4. Bring your dog outside before the fireworks event.

Bringing along your pet outside for a jog, walk, or bike could get him or her a good mood. It could also tire your dog and make him or her asleep during the fireworks event. It will lessen your worry about getting your pet anxious. Visit this link to know more about it.

No matter what happens, always remember that your dog needs your care. At this trying time, you should always comfort your pet. Attend to your pet’s needs like you always have been. Never stop showering your love.


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Word Relax is a Scam You Won’t Make Money

Word Relax is a Scam


When I first heard about the app Word Relax by Dream Studio a few months ago, I was intrigued.  It is a word game similar to the games I like to play on my phone and they claim you will make money while playing it.  I am not naïve and figured I would have to play for a really long and watch a ton of ads (there is one ad between each level and other ads to watch for the free coins to play). What I didn’t know was that it is impossible to reach the $20 minimum to cash out.   I spent months playing every day and finished all 6100 levels of the game. There are now no more games for me to play and I am only at $19.99.  So basically it is impossible to get to $20 to cash out.

How the game works is that you start off “earning” quick money and as you play through more levels you must complete more and more games to earn less and less money. By the time I was at $19.73, I was earning a penny for completing 99 to 189 levels. Then when I finally reached $19.99 at level 6100, there were no games left to play.  However, you need $20 to cash out for PayPal or an Amazon gift card but you will never reach it.


If you search, you will find reviews from people saying they made money at level 3000 so I assume that the app developers changed the game after they received plenty of good reviews. They actually have a 4.7 rating for their app but if you read the reviews most people rating it high played very early on in the game or wrote their review before playing for very long.  What people need to do is go read all the 1 star reviews (like mine) to see the game now is impossible to make money off of.

I contacted them through the “contact us” button on the app and have not received any reply and I am not holding my breath that I will.  Sadly, many people are going to play this game and watch tons of ads that the developer will make money off of and no one will ever be paid what is owed to them.  I just hope this post gets found when people search for reviews on the game !!!

Word Relax is Scam

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5 Ways to Confront Infidelity


Infidelity is a common issue between most couples. Even some of the most faithful spouses you know eventually discuss infidelity.

This can be a painful moment in anyone’s relationship. So how do you bring up the topic without causing more harm than good?

Here, we will take a look at some ways you can begin to reckon with infidelity and get the answers you need from your partner.

1) Don’t Jump to Emotions

Positive communication must be your first plan of action. If you come in hot with an angry tone, you’ll be met with hostility. Your partner will try to defuse your emotions instead of telling you what’s really going on.

Open communication is the basis of any good relationship. Although it may be scary to confront your partner with suspicions, you owe them the respect of non-hostility before you confirm any wrongdoings.

Letting suspicions and jealousy brew inside you can lead to a toxic state of mind. Although easier said than done, but it is best to put your thoughts on the table and see what happens. Any worthwhile partner will respect your openness and straight forward attitude.

2) Bring in a Professional

Unfortunately, some relationships regress past the point of open communication. For this group, a professional is necessary.

There are two paths here: couples therapy or group therapy. Both have their benefits: in couples therapy, you get undivided attention from your therapist, while in group, you benefit from hearing other couples’ stories and hearing their feedback.

Couples therapy is not just for the married. Many unwed couples benefit greatly from this service. Sex therapy has also proven to be a great tool for struggling couples.

Hopefully, by the end of this process, you can begin to approach a state of trust in your relationship. Trust is earned over time and through sacrifice. Your relationship is impossible without it.

However, if your partner is unwilling to participate and you need answers, consider private investigation. Services like Utroskap offer access to private investigators who can give you the answers you are looking for.

3) Learn From Your Past

Have you ever cheated or been cheated on in your past? 

It is important to reflect on this because your past may be informing your current decisions.

Being cheated on can cause trauma in your life for years. So ask yourself: am I projecting this pain into my current relationship?

It is understandable to be more paranoid than the average person after being cheated on. Yet, it is unfair to put feelings from your past on your current partner.

4) Consider All Your Options

Alternative lifestyles like polyamory have become increasingly popular over the years. Perhaps a monogamous relationship was not what you were looking for in the first place. Now is the time to look at your situation and see what else is out there.

Consider taking some alone time. It might not be easy for you if you’re used to being around a partner 24/7, but getting reacquainted with yourself is invaluable and only strengthens any future relationships.

5) Acceptance 

In the sad case that there has been an act of infidelity, Now is the time to begin healing. This may very well be one of the more traumatic times in your life. Take the time you need to recover.

Look at this moment as a chance for rebirth. Some of the greatest works of art and music have blossomed in heartbreak. Now is your chance to dig deep into yourself and see what you find. You are strong, and you will get through this.

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3 Wedding Ideas For Laid-Back Brides

What do you imagine when you think of your dream wedding? For many people, it’s walking down the aisle in front of 500 guests, wearing a ballgown which Cinderella would envy. But for others, it’s something much more casual – an intimate ceremony surrounded by your nearest and dearest, where you can let your hair down together and have a good time.

Because the average American wedding costs almost $25,000, it’s not surprising that more couples are choosing to ditch the drama in favor of a more laid-back day. If you and your partner are planning a wedding, and want an informal way to share your love with the world, read on. Here are three ways you can make your ceremony as laid-back as you.

1) Wear Flat Shoes

There’s nothing worse than wearing a pair of uncomfortable shoes. Pinched toes, sore heels, and blisters can easily ruin an otherwise perfect day.

Most brides are surprised by how little time they get to sit down at their wedding! Even the most comfortable pair of heels can leave your arches aching after a couple of hours – and who wants to be hobbling their way through their very first dance with their partner?

Sandals are the ultimate wedding shoes for laid-back brides. Think dainty straps, crystal embellishment, even floral designs – sandals can be even more beautiful than conventional wedding heels. If you’re getting married on a beach, then check out these gorgeous barefoot beach wedding sandals that will let you feel the sand between your toes as you say your vows near the ocean. There’s no 5-star wedding package we’d take over that.

2) Find A Dress With Pockets

Discovering that your new dress has pockets is always a victorious moment. Now imagine if that dress is your wedding dress!

We’re seeing a huge increase in the number of wedding dresses with pockets, so much so that many bridal websites now have sections dedicated to this trend. As designers embrace a welcome blend of style and practicality, it’s never been easier to find a dress that doubles as the perfect place to keep your ‘something blue’ during the ceremony.

From satin A-line gowns to bohemian lace dresses, there are plenty of options out there for brides who don’t want to worry about carrying around a bag on their big day. Not only are pockets practical, they also look great in photos – simply slide in your hands for the perfect effortless pose.

3) Embrace The Bespoke And Homemade

Weddings with rustic decor are all the rage. Whether it’s upcycling old wooden boxes into beautiful signs, filling jars from the thrift store with party favors, or making your own confetti from dried wild flowers, there are hundreds of ways to put your own stamp on your wedding decor. Handmade decorations don’t just look beautiful – they also help keep costs down, saving you money for the honeymoon or a future ‘rainy day’ fund.

Do you have any friends or family members who could help you create a bespoke ceremony? Perhaps your future mother-in-law is excellent at embroidery, or your grandfather is great at DIY. If anyone has any special skills, ask them if they would mind helping you put some finishing touches to your decor. Most people would be delighted to help out, and it’ll give your wedding a homespun, family feel that will ensure it’s as unique as you are.

Keep the Vibe Stress-Free

If you’re planning your perfect laid-back wedding, follow these tips for a ceremony that’s as relaxed as it is romantic.

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