McDonalds Trick or Treat Coupon Booklets

Hip2Save posted that this year’s coupon booklets are out now. YEAH!!! We love these booklets. I get them every year!

They are not valid until after Oct 31 but I would buy them as soon as possible or they will be gone!!!

For $1 you get:

  • 4 FREE Apple Dippers coupons
  • 4 FREE Small Cone Coupons
  • 4 FREE Apple Juice or Milk Jug coupons
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  1. I picked up five of them today. Mine had 3 of each coupon you listed and 3 coupons for a free hamburger. It doesn't say anything about not being valid 'till Oct. 31st though? Is this some known knowledge? This is the first year I've bought any so I'm new to this.

  2. Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? says

    Oh cool about the hamburger coupons YEAH!! I keep forgetting to check around here.

    Are you sure the fine print doesn't say something about Oct 31st? It usually does. Maybe they don't this year. But since they are supposed to be given out as trick or treat "treats" you may get a funny look if you use them early LOL (not that it would stop me LOL)

  3. These were $2 at our McDonald's.


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