Local Readers – Money Maker on Pictureka at Super Walmart

Laura just emailed me to say…

“I wanted to let you know that the Super Wal-Mart on 50 has the Pictureka flipping penquin game on clearance for $3.50. I was able to use the $5 coupon form Coupons.com and get $1.50 overage. I bought 2 and they had 25-30 more. They are in the clearance section near the garden center.”

**I have 4 coupons and am heading there now!!!
UPDATE: I got 4 games which gave me $6 in overage to go towards a HUGE bag of cedar for the guinea pigs YEAH!!! These will make great bday gifts or Toy Drive donations next Christmas. The games are on an aisle behind the pet stuff.
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  1. floridafamilyoffour says:

    Hi, where on 50 is the Super Walmart? Thanks!

  2. Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? says:

    East Orlando… Near Rouse Rd (between Alafaya and Dean)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I was able to get 4 of them but my cashier challenged me about the coupons being more than the item. I told her I knew it was their policy to give overage toward the rest of my order. Customer service took the coupons and after 15 mins. told me I could only use one as stated on the coupon. I explained that meant one per each item. I told her Walmart would get the full amount back from the manufacturer plus 8 cents for handling and all she said was we will let you do it this time but not again. I tell you what it is a good thing I am not discouraged easily. If someone is going to be challenged it is usually me. I thought sure that since it was a Super Walmart with groceries they would be familiar with the corporate coupon policy. :(

  4. I always forget about that Walmart! Thanks!

  5. MilkonTap says:

    My Walmart had them full price, but they had the Catch Phrase game on sale for $7.00 which would make them $2.00 after the coupon.

  6. Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? says:

    I know, I either do great there, or I am standing there for 15 min before they let me do it. I have never left there not being able to get overage though. Once time it literally took me 25 min of several managers coming over. But I stand up for the principle of it. Its not the small amount of overage, but the fact that I know they get the full face value of the coupon and I want everyone involved with dealing with it to learn that it IS allowed!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I got 4 of them there last night around 9:00pm, no problem with the coupons. There were still a lot of them left too (at least 15).

  8. i must have just missed them! I was there about noon and they were gone. The Lee Vista Wal-mart has a bunch, but they are $15.

  9. floridafamilyoffour says:

    I just got back from that Walmart and I was able to pick up two with no problems! They had 5 left on the shelf!

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