Have You Joined Bzzagent???

I have mentioned bzzagent.com before but I don’t think I have ever posted about what the site is exactly so here it goes….

Bzzagent is a network that relies on word of mouth to promote products through social media and offline media.  Theysend out free products and/or coupons for their members to use and share with friends and all they ask in return is for their members to take a poll afterwards about the product.

As you participate more and more, your status will go up.  When you first join, you start as a Solitary Bee, then you will move up to a Carpenter Bee and go up from there.  The higher your Status, the better your benefits!

How do you move up to the next level???  As you do certain things on the site, you will earn honeycombs… after you earn 4 honeycombs, you move to the next level.

You’ll earn one honeycomb every time you:

  • Complete the Post-Campaign Survey per campaign you join
  • Submit at least two BzzReports per campaign you join
  • Complete at least three Frogpond surveys per calendar month
  • Add at least 10 reviews to BzzScapes per calendar month (can be across multiple BzzScapes)

Its a great site and I highly recommend it.  The campaigns that you get offered in the beginning aren’t THAT great but in time you will get the good ones. I just signed up to be part of the Publix Deli Kids Meal campaign and can’t wait to see what I get. When I was in the Boston Market campaign I got a coupon for a free meal and several $3 off coupons to pass out to friends.

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  1. Angela D. says:

    I just joined this as well..now with the Publix campaign are they sending out something in the mail? I wasn’t sure from the directions what I was doing lol..

    • If you get the invite to the Bzzagent campaign and you sign up in time, they will mail things out to you. Each person will get their own campaigns so you have to wait for emails with the invites.


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