Dollar General Trip for Nivea Body Wash

First let me say, this was a pain.  The Nivea coupons are the new bar codes and the register is OLD at my store so it won’t scan so they had to call a manager and highlight each bottle on the screen and then manually type in $1.50 for each one.  And the bottles are not the big bottles, they are the smaller ones (which the coupon does say its good on)

However, I needed a few things anyway and had the $5/25 coupon with me so it worked out to be an OK deal.

I got:

  • 7 bottles Nivea Body Wash $2 each, used (7) $1.50 coupons
  • Outlet strip with surge protection $6.50
  • Dog nail clippers $4
  • Flea comb $1.75

Used $5/25 coupon and paid $10.75 + $1.38 tax = $12.13 (which was less than the reg price on the items I needed to buy anyway)


  1. Jessica Long says

    I was told by cashier that if you scan one body wash then one coupon its easier that way

  2. My DG wouldn’t take the coupons with the new bar code…what a drag!!

    • they didn’t want to at first but I said there is no reason you can’t take them since they are from inserts (the lady behind me works for target and she was backing me up on the new bar code issue)

  3. I had such a hassle at dollar general today. They tried to ring it up 3 times, and the last time-no coupons would scan at all! It was very odd. They had to manually enter all of the nivea coupons, and at the end, none of them showed up on the receipt. The manager had to refund the value of the coupons finally.

    I agree that I’m not sure it was worth it.

    In the end, I ended up with Nivea body wash, trash bags, Jet dry (with the free Finish powerball DG coupon), and Nivea lip for about $10. I will say that the cashier was extremely nice-and couldn’t figure out what the issue was either.

  4. Yes, I was wondering what the deal with the new coupons are. I usually print coupons out and now the stores refuse to take them because they “don’t have a barcode”. Is there anyway to explain how to use them without backing up the lines and creating a scene?

    • good question. I am thinking I am going to bring one of each type of coupon with me so that I can show them the difference and how the older registers aren’t set up to scan the new ones properly. The new bar codes are supposed to have more detail and be harder for scammers to “decode” which is a good thing but it stinks that older registers won’t even scan them at all.

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