Litter Genie Review and Giveaway + Great Deal After Coupon

I bet you have heard of a Diaper Genie before, but have you heard of the Litter Genie?  It works in a very similar way.  You can scoop your cat’s litter box and dump the waste into the top of the container, slide out a “shelf” and it drops the waste into the bottom of the Litter Genie so you won’t smell it.  When the 5-layer bag with “odor barrier technology” gets full, you cut it, tie it up and take it out to the trash.  Now you can scoop out your litter box as often as you would like and only have to empty the Litter Genie every week or two.  You no longer have to worry about running the bag of waste out to the trash each time you clean the litter box.

Set up was pretty easy and didn’t take more than 5-10 min.  You just pull the plastic lining out of the refill and tie a knot in the bottom.  Set that part inside the top of the Litter Genie and drop the bag through the pull out “shelf”.  Then close it up and its ready to use.  THAT’S IT !!!

You can watch a short demo of the Litter Genie below:

For me, this was very convenient and saved me from running outside each day to dump the bag of “cat waste” that I scooped.  It is small enough that I can keep it right next to the cat box and I love that it has a place to hold the litter box scooper on the side of the Litter Genie (see pic below).

The Litter Genie just came out this fall and is available at PetCo, PetSmart, Target for $14.99-$17.99 (unit) and $7.99 (refill).  Plus there is a manuf printable $10 off any Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System coupon to use making this as low as $4.99 in stores!!!

If you would rather have it shipped to you, it is available on Amazon for only $9.76 after clipping the $5 coupon.


Now onto the giveaway…

One reader is going to win a Litter Genie of their own.

To enter, leave a comment stating how many cats you have at your house (I have 3).

I will give you an extra entry if you “Like” LitterGenie on Facebook or follow Litter Genie on Twitter

I will end this giveaway on 10/31 at 5 pm EST

Disclosure: I was given a product to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.

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  1. We only have one cat now.

  2. I have 4 cats indoors and 3 outdoor cats that have claimed me as theirs

  3. I have one cat!

  4. The hubby and I have three wonderful cats!

  5. I have 2 cats. The Litter Genie would be great!

  6. OMG this sounds awesome! my mom and I share a total of 8 cats! two outdoor and 6 indoor!

  7. I like you on facebook

  8. We have 4 cats.

  9. 2 cats (and a dog)

  10. liked LitterGenie on FB

    (Melissa Britain Wilson)

  11. 3 cats here! 🙂

  12. One very wonderfully special spoiled cat!!!

  13. We have 2 adorable cats. I followed on Twitter and liked on Facebook.

  14. Sweet! I only have 1, but thats all it takes.

  15. I have 2 cats and a litter box in my laundry room and I hate how the litter gets on the floor when changing the litter box. This sounds great.

  16. Rachel Anne says

    2 cats!

  17. Rachel Anne says

    Liked them on FB too

  18. I have one cat.

  19. We have 2 cats (but they have their separate spaces). My mother-in-law has 4 cats that co-exist indoors, and 4 more that co-exist outdoors.

  20. 2 cats i have recently taken in from the neighborhood. cant find this product anywhere here even tho target seems to sell

  21. I have 3 cats 🙂

  22. I have one cat.

  23. I have 2 adorable cats … both adopted from either a rescue agency or Seminole County Animal Control … I’d have more if I lived by myself…

  24. like on FB

  25. I have 3 indoor cats – Cleo, Josie, and Licorice

  26. I follow Litter Genie on Twitter

  27. I have 2

  28. I have 3 indoor and 1 indoor/outdoor. I would love to try this. I just saw one advertised this weekend and thought “I would love one of those”.

  29. Laura Jean says

    I fostered two separate abandoned week old litters of kittens this past summer. I found homes for most but became a mommy to three new babies that I added to my already cat family of three, so now I have six.

  30. joslrobe85 says

    We have one cat, but she likes to eat!

  31. We have 4 indoor cats.

    (We used to just have one older female. However, when my husband deployed to Afghanistan 2 years ago, to help my 3 daughters deal with the absence of their Daddy, I let them each choose a kitten. You’d be surprised at how small 3 kittens are and how big 3 full grown cats are (and how much “waste” they make)! ^.^)

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  32. I liked Litter Genie on Facebook. Thanks again for the chance!

  33. joslrobe85 says

    I liked them on facebook!!

  34. I have one cat now but thinking of getting another. I liked on FB and would LOVE a litter genie!

  35. I have 4 indoor only cats! We would love to try this product!

  36. Benita Bartel says

    We have two kitties, a momma and a baby that were rescued (and need a home!!). I liked litter genie on facebook and am following it on twitter now. And I of course follow you on facebook! =)

  37. I have 1 13 yr old cat. I liked on FB and thanks for the entry!

  38. We have one cat. Thank you so much for offering such a great giveaway!

  39. I “like” LitterGenie on Facebook: Cindy Aiton

  40. I also follow Litter Genie on Twitter: @normawatson

  41. I have 1 cat.

  42. I have one.

  43. I already “liked” you on FB.

  44. i just adopted my second kitty! I’m amazed at how much more poop I’m scooping now. I could really use one of these 🙂

  45. I have one cat but smells like 5 use the cat pan!

  46. I follow them on Twitter!

  47. I have 1 cat at home but he can make the litter box smell like I have 3 sometimes. LOL 🙂

  48. We had four cats and now have a fifth thanks to my mother-in-law. Plus a feral cat outside that we feed, but who won’t let us touch him. Love ’em all!

  49. I liked Litter Genie on FB.

  50. I followed Litter Genie on Twitter.

  51. I have 3 cats. (Slick, Kitty and Sophie).

  52. I have 4 cats.

  53. Stefanie Gladden says

    we have 5 cats! 4 male, 1 female

  54. Stefanie Gladden says

    liked on facebook – steph coupons
    follow on twitter – @luvx14

  55. i would give this to my friend that has 3 cats

  56. Stephanie C says

    I have 5 cats! this would definitely help!

    I follow Litter Genie on Twitter @mrschurch310 & I like Litter Genie on facebook

  57. I have two cats- one petite Maine Coon, and one “chunky-monkey” 25lb domestic mix!

  58. I have 4 fuzzy babies, ages vary from 12 years to 6 weeks. It’s always a hassle to get folks to clean the litter daily and I think this would make it so much easier!

  59. we have 5 indoor cats and 1 outdoor cat. I have a new visitor coming in the kitty door so maybe we have a new one to add to the family.

  60. I like kitty genie on facebook too…

  61. Michelle R. says

    We have 2 cats.. One indoor and the other outdoor.

  62. One kitty that thinks he’s king of the world.

  63. We have 1 cat.

  64. Janine Koscica says

    I have 4 cats they are the best!

  65. I have 4 cats~

  66. I have three indoor cats and this would be wonderful to win for them (me)! Thank you for the opportunity!

  67. I “like” Litter Genie on Facebook. Thanks!

  68. Paula Rowell says

    2 cats – I LOVE this!

  69. We have one inside spoiled rotten Tabby cat. We have four spoiled rotten cats outside. A mother and her three boys. All are our babies.

  70. This is a very good opportunity. Thank you.

  71. I have 2 cats

  72. We have 2 cats!!

  73. I have one kitty, Andromeda! She is so sweet and I love her. She just loves snuggling and “making biscuits” on your belly 😛 Anyway I would love this litter genie for her! It would be very helpful, as I am a full time college student and a full time worker.

  74. I have one kitty named Figaro.

  75. I have 3 wonderful cats. Two are 1 1/2 years old (littermates), and the third is around 15. I love them all dearly 🙂

  76. I liked Litter Genie on facebook and am also following on twitter (@FourPawSavings)

  77. I have 4 cats (1 all inside, 3 mostly outside). My inside cat has Colitis and IBD with kidney disease. He uses the box frequently and it has to be discarded immediately. This alternative would be amazing to save me the nightly 4am garage waste toss!

  78. We currently have 2 cats–litter mates!

  79. Festus and jasper have two humans who scoop their litter box, turn on their heating pad and open the pantry door twice a day.

  80. I also liked them on FB. Thanks

  81. I have 1 cat and his littler box is in my bathroom so this would be great.

  82. I just started following on twitter

  83. JUST ONE CAT 🙂

  84. Michelle W says

    I have one cat that eats enough for two and a half.

  85. Michelle W says

    I liked them on FB

  86. We have 1 cat.

  87. Liked Litter Genie on FB.

  88. I have two cats, Whiskers and Dusk!

  89. Kenna Doscher says

    I absolutely love cats and only have 4!!!

  90. I liked them on facebook!

  91. We have 3 cats.

  92. Debbie Richardson says

    We have two cats, but three litter boxes to make them happy. This would be a godsend!

  93. we have 2 cats.

  94. I liked Litter Genie on FB

  95. We have 2 great cats we adopted from the pound

  96. Renee Patton says

    I have 1 and that’s enough to clean up after.

  97. This would be fabulous!! How I dread cleaning out the litterbox.

  98. My friend has 2 cats.

  99. Misty Mondy says

    We have one cat. Our 2 year old name her Rabbit!

  100. I follow Litter Genie on Twitter under the username likwan.

  101. Katelyn pomarico says

    I have 5 cats right now!

  102. Who won this giveaway?

  103. Sorry, I cannot find the listing of who won, could you post it on the main page? Thanks

    • sorry I still haven’t posted it… it will go on the main page… its been crazy since we got back home. I PROMISE to get it done in the next few hours