Morning Shopping Trips



Since we are heading to the hospital tomorrow, I spent this morning running around to a ton of stores…


  • (2) Good n Natural bars $1.39, used (2) Free coupons
  • Colgate Max White toothpaste $3, used $2.50/1 CRT store coupon and 50¢/1 manuf coupon –  JUST PAID 20¢ TAX

At Walmart:

  • (11) Purina One BeyOnd cat food boxes, used (11) Free coupons which expire today – JUST PAID $1.97 TAX

Plus while I was there I checked-in on Jingit and scanned 2 Jello Products and made 50¢ (and came home and scanned a Jello product in my fridge and made another 50¢)

Total from 2 Publix stores I got:

  • (1) Nivea Body Wash “Powerfruit Blueberry” $2.39, used $1/1 Aquaphor, Eucerin, Nivea, or Nivea for Men Product in Green Flyer plus $2/1 Nivea or Nivea for Men Body Wash, Shower Gel or Lathering Body Scrub in 2/10 RP (OVERAGE)
  • (4) Poise Feminine Wash $3.49, used (4) $3/1 manuf coupons and (4) $3/1 store coupons from green flyer (OVERAGE)
  • (2) bananas
  • Little Debbie Valentines Cakes $1.79
  • (2) Valentines Day balloons @ $2.99

Paid 11¢ at one store and got back 97¢ at the other


  1. Ihave been to 7 publix stores today and there were no Poise items under $7.99. I was at the first store at 8 am; had an Drs appt so stopped by.

    • the store I found them at today didn’t have any on Sunday so maybe they didn’t even have them in the store yet til now

  2. I went to Publix to get the Poise, and they would not accept both coupons, reason being, the mq coupon stated cannot combine w/ any coupons. I was disappointed w/ that.

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