My Super Busy Morning Running My Garage Sale


You may have noticed that I didn’t get many posts up earlier today and that was because I was running my garage sale.  Our neighborhood was doing a “community sale” so I figured it would be a great time to get rid of all my clutter.  I did REALLY well and sold almost everything and will have to walk around my house to find more stuff for tomorrow now LOL

Then my neighbor was selling these room dividers so I ended up buying them…. I just LOVE them so much !!!



  1. Wish I could have been there! I’m sure I would have found some things I needed.

    • people got amazing deals because I was in a mood to just get rid of stuff !!! I am getting new wood laminate flooring on Tuesday and have to have everything off all the floors in every room of my house which means it all has to fit in my garage and patio so I am trying to make space right now and stressing out lol

      **the kitchen is staying tile though so I can move some in there as well…. just a LOT of work to do this but it will be SOOO worth it once its done

  2. I’m sure it will be beautiful, When it’s all finished.

  3. Suzanne H says

    You will love the laminate once you have it. We did bamboo and I LOVE it! So easy to keep clean. I really like those room dividers; I am jealous. I’ve been looking for one but all I can find are ones that are covered in flowers!

  4. To funny — we r doing a garage sale today. Four families at my house. Hope I sell out. Yea on the new floors. We have all tile n I love it
    Happy sales today. Hugs

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