How to Make an Easy “Fault in Our Stars” Birthday Cake

How to Make a Fault in Our Stars Cake
Fault in Our Stars Cake

To make this “Fault in Our Stars” birthday cake, you will need:


First, print cloud patterns onto printer paper or cardstock (I have a pattern at the bottom of this post).  Cut out the patterns and lay them down onto the plastic part of the sugar sheet and trace it with a sharpie.  Using a clean pair of scissors, cut out the patterns from the sugar sheets and set them aside.


To make the blue velvet cake, follow the directions on the box (you will need 3 eggs, a stick of butter and water).  Once the cakes have finished baking, allow them to cool completely and knock them out of the pans (I sprayed the pans with Pam and then dusted with flour before adding the cake batter).  Add a thick layer of Duncan Hines frosting on top of the bottom layer of cake.


Then lay the top layer of cake on top of the frosting and put it into the fridge or freezer for an hour before adding the blue frosting to the outside of the cake (this helps keep crumbs from getting into your frosting as you spread it).  Once you finish frosting the entire cake with blue frosting you will add Sweetworks white pearls around the edge of the cake.

Fault in Our Stars Cake

Lastly you will lay the cut-out sugar sheets onto the top of the cake.  Using the icing tubes with a tip that makes a thin line, write Okay? Okay. and you are done.

Didn’t it turn out cute ??? If you need a pattern for the clouds, you can click on the pic below and print it.


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  1. I seem to be missing where it says to color the frosting blue.

    • They have blue frosting in stores that I ended up using instead of dying it that color (I forget the brand but it wasn’t the one I show).

      • Thanks! I went out and got it and my 15 year old birthday girl is almost done making it (herself!). Thanks for the great idea. Hers looks great! We couldn’t find white sugar paper so she made a white cloud with white icing by making a white outline and then filling it in.
        Thanks again!

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