Be a Little Greener by Using Recycle A Cup on Your Single Serve K-cups


If you love your Keurig like I love mine, you will know just how many single serve cups you end up throwing away every week which means lots of waste filling up landfills.  However, Recycle A Cup™ is a new accessory for Keurig® and other single serve coffee systems that allows you to be able to recycle, re-use and compost the majority of the components of your used K-Cup® cartridges, instead of just throwing them away.  Not only will you be able to recycle the plastic parts, but you can also either compost the coffee grounds or use them in your garden.

Check out the video below on how it works:

Doesn’t this sound like a great product to help save the environment?  Not only will it make recycling easier but you can check out what some really creative people have done with their separated cups by searching “K-Cups” on Pinterest.

To help you save some money on your purchase, they are offering $5 off and FREE SHIPPING when you use promo code pechqk.  That brings the price down from $14.99 to only $9.99.

To make your purchase, just head over to


  1. Suzanne H says

    Thank you! We got a Keurig at work and everyone LOVES it especially my coffee loving husband so I bought him a Keurig for our home too. The 1 thing that bugs me is all of the waste. I bought one of these with the promo code and have offered to recycle the k cups at work. We’ll see if people are willing to keep their K cups separate from the trash so I can “process” them along with ours from home!

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