Keep Your Floor Mess Free with Neater Feeder


If you have dogs, you probably know how messy they can be when they eat.  I have found the perfect solution to this problem…. the Neater Feeder.  This product helps eliminate messy water spills from pets drinking from their bowl. It comes in multiple sizes including cat, small, medium or large to fit your pets needs. I chose the medium size which seems to be perfect for Milo. You can GO HERE to see what size is best for your pets.

You can also choose between the brown/tan color that I have shown in the pictures or a burgundy/tan option.


I love how there is a drain for the spilled water to go into and the non-slip rubber pads on the bottom do a great job at keeping the unit from moving around while pets are eating/drinking from it. The stainless steel bowls come out so you can easily refill them.


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Now onto the giveaway…

One reader is going to win a Neater Feeder in the size/color of your choice (US residents only)

To enter, leave a comment stating what pets would use this in your house.

I will give you additional entries for each of the following:

I will end this giveaway on 10/1 at 5 pm EST

Disclosure: I was given the product featured in this post to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.

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  1. ChrisandMyr says:

    My furry dog babies Boo & Princess.

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  5. Wyatt and Minka our goldens

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  8. We have two 100lb dogs and one 65lb dog. We already use an elevated feeder, but it is getting old & wobbly. We could use this as a replacement.

  9. Existing WSNILIF Email subscriber!

  10. My dog Zoey

  11. My two dogs Bandit and Missy.

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  13. Peggy Johnson says:

    My beagle Callie needs this bowl.

  14. Peggy Johnson says:

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  15. I have a wet mouth Boxer who makes quite the mess when he eats or drinks. Elevated bowls aid digestion and reduce choking too. The Neater Feeder is an all around great match with my Boxer Boy.

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  19. Nicole Vieu says:

    I would give it to my little buddy Cash the Beagle

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    I get your emails everyday!!

  22. my Australian shepherd Toby

  23. My two pugs.

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  27. This will be for my cat, Buddy.

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  31. My dogs Magoo and Remi

  32. my furbaby Tucker, i also follow you on twitter and pinterest

  33. Rayme Beach says:

    My shepard Woody, all the cats and my little shitsu

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    following on pinterest

  35. My new puppy, Lucy, would totally use this!!! We’ve been waiting for her to get a bit bigger for real dog food dish set. This would be perfect. (much better than the old, toddler bowls we had in the cupboard) Love it!

  36. Our sweet dog, Gus

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  38. I would love this for my cats – they are the messiest eaters!!

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  40. my sweet bichon Cookie

  41. This would be great for my cats!

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  43. My dog Sammie would use this. Thanks for the chance.

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  46. My 2 messy boys, Dylan and Ryder, would use this!

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  49. My little 2 y.o. man Biscuit!

  50. Our cat needs this, he is always spews food out of the bowl when he eats!

  51. My kitty, Herman :-)

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  56. This would be for my dog. I would love her dishes off the floor. thanks for the chance

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  60. I would use this for my two kitty boys.

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  64. My dog would especially; she’s so little

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  67. Kathy Lausche says:

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  68. Kathy Lausche says:

    My dog, Luca would use this!

  69. Our cats

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  74. vickie kamerik says:

    I would use this feeding system for our dog Katie, she is older than rocky and has some issues with bending to eat out of a dish on the floor, she would find this easier to reach and less stressful on her aches and pains.
    we as pet lovers need to do anything that we can to help our ” babies” in their golden years.

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