DIY Treat Box and Kcup Holder Box Using a Cricut Machine


Last night I was up way too late playing around with my Cricut machine and decided to make a couple teacher gifts.  Cricut had the cutest designs for a Treat Box and K-cup holder box and I just fell in love with them.

What You Will Need:

For the DIY Treat Box, this design takes 2 sheets of cardstock and I used a clear transparency sheet for the window.  Once you cut out each design from your card stock, you will fold along the scored lines to create the box shape.  Then use your Xyron Mega Runner to apply adhesive to the tabs to hold the box in place.   I personally like using a Xyron runner better than other adhesives because it is so easy to accurately apply a strip of acid-free permanent adhesive to your project.  In fact the adhesive in the Xyron Mega Runner is 2x stronger than their previous version so you know it will “stay stuck” after its applied.

The next step is to apply adhesive inside the bottom of the lid and set your Vellum or Transparency sheet inside.  Lastly, fill the box with treats and set the lid on top.


For the DIY K-Cup Triangle Box, this design takes 3 sheets of cardstock and I decided to use a sheet of Vellum instead of a clear transparency sheet for the window.  Just like with the treat box, after your design is cut, you will fold along the scored lines and use your Xyron Mega Runner to apply adhesive to the tabs.  Next, apply adhesive to the underside of the lid and lay your vellum or transparency sheet inside.  Lastly, you will place the section with the circle cut outs down into the bottom of the box, place your K-cups in and set the lid on.


The price on making this box set is under $10 and is unique and special because its handmade.  I will add a cute tag to it (maybe a smaller version of the Christmas tree cut out would be perfect) and have Kyle give a set to each teacher.

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