Money Savvy Moving: The Potential Pitfalls

You’re savvy with money. You coupon; you look for discounts; you use cashback sites. Your finances are a finely tuned machine, and you’re proud of that. In a world with staggering personal debt levels, you’re not falling into the consumerism trap.

Then, the train hits.

Well, the house does anyway – and it threatens to flatten you beneath it, Wizard of Oz style. Not to say that you’re a Wicked Witch of course – but you might feel like it when you have to move house and realize it’s going to cost money. Money that you can’t avoid; your usual parsimonious habits are going to have to take a break. And it hurts.

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Financial savviness becomes ingrained and when you realize you’re going to have to abandon it to get something done, it’s not an easy change to make. There are just too many costs involved that you can’t avoid when buying a home… right?

Sorry: this isn’t the point where we turn the intro on its head and argue otherwise. It’s a tough one to swallow, but the simple fact is… buying a house is expensive. Moving is expensive. And if you try to cut corners just for the sake of keeping your costs down, then you’re going to land yourself in a world of trouble. These things cost money because they have to.

The Repercussions Of Scrimping On A House Move

There are ways and means to lessen the costs of a house move, but they tend to have a nasty side effect.

Let’s say you make the choice to be responsible for your own move without the help of a removal company. That’s got to be the smart choice, right? On a purely financial level, yes, it’s probably the right choice. But think of the practicalities.

We all know moving home is a turbulent time, and what you’ve done by scrimping a step too far is make it even worse. You’re paying for the lower cost with a detrimental impact on your mental health. Not only do you have to organize the practicalities of a move, you have to do all the physical work as well.

It’s counter-productive too; exhausting yourself with the physical packing and moving could mean you make rash, expensive decisions just to get them done.

The Legal Side

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Okay, so you’ve accepted hiring in a removal company might be a good idea despite the initial impression. So what about the legal side? The fees, the mortgage, the relocation advisor, the solicitors – surely there’s something you can do about those costs?

Of course, there are options. You should always compare quotes, never accepting a first offer and spending time to look for best deal without compromising efficacy. You can consult a mortgage advice service for industry-insider deals you might otherwise miss, lowering your monthly payments and saving you a lot of money down the road.

The key point above, however, is this: “without compromising efficacy”. It’s a slippery slope, and if you find a solicitor or a mortgage broker who is vastly cheaper than the rest – be smart. Is it a good deal for a legitimate reason? Or are they cutting corners, leaving you financially vulnerable?

House moves are expensive. It’s better to accept that as an inevitably than cut corners and DIY the whole process – because that will ultimately end up costing you more.

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