DIY Floating Halloween Bucket / Candy Bowl


This DIY Floating Halloween Bucket is such a fun and easy project to do and it only costs a few dollars to make.  Trick or Treaters are sure to be amazed by this unique bowl.


  • Bowl for candy (I got a plastic one from Dollar Tree for $1)
  • Halloween bucket (I paid $1 at Dollar General for mine)
  • Fork (I got a 2-pack at Dollar Tree)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Candy


  1. Bend your fork so that you get a good angle for the bucket to be floating over the candy bowl like its pouring out.  Some forks are easier to bend than others.  I had to get my boy friend to bend this one because it was so “heavy”
  2. Hot glue the fork to the inside of the bottom bowl.  Since the fork conducts heat, the glue stays gooey for a long time so I used ice on the back side of the bowl to cool down the hot glue and fork.floating-bucket-fork2
  3. Hot glue the fork to the inside of the Halloween bucketfloating-bucket-fork1
  4. Hot glue candy all around the fork so that you can’t see the fork any longerfloating-halloween-bucket-closeup
  5. Lastly, fill the bottom bowl with candy.  I probably should have bought one more bag of candy to weigh it down more because it seems a little top heavy right now.
Isn’t this the coolest idea ? I can’t wait for our annual Halloween party now !

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